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I Just Had My First Super-O, and I MUST Talk About It
  • Well this one will be long and, well "detailed" so be wary.

    I'm an engineer by trade and mindset, and seeing all the wonderful to horrifying-porn available today I was left questioning "Now why is it that those queer fellows just enjoy having all those strange and bizarre objects up their pooper?" Well I figured out how to jerk off on my own without seeing any examples, so I figured I could lick this question as well.

    Naturally I tried the basic "rubbing one off" manually, but I didn't feel much. The Internet provided more porn but not much else. So every now and then I'd try alittle something to get it going, but I'd just get nowhere and I lost interest. The only other thing I saw was some tips that Aneros is a good way to orgasm handless, so I thought I'd do what I was horrified of another person finding out - buy a few sex toys. I decided I'd put more effort into this, and I got some cheap bullet vibrator and one of those dildos with a suction cup on it to see if I can do something to work in the shower.

    I got everything around the beginning on this month, I tried all three separately, used aloe or KY gel, and again I didn't feel much. I could masturbate with each and it gave a minor increase but nothing special. Then I noticed the Wiki and the board and read some more, and I got a better idea on how "take it" and to modify it(I cut the handle totally off, and I sanded the P-tab edges to take the pressure off). The Milestone list is what really what put the process into a format I can understand. I started to get the basics, but I still could only feel the Aneros inside a few times. The big tips I got off the board were using the kegel muscles as opposed to the sphincter muscles, and to wear it overnight(extra virgin olive oil works best for me).

    What tip I'd add is because I accidentally got the SGX instead of the MGX(I do that when I order stuff late at night), and I'm 6'2". I figured the fractions of inches wouldn't make the difference as to why I'm not really feeling it inside, so I thought it best to "pregame" my prostate by rubbing it a few minutes just before putting it in, which got me past the point of feeling comfortable with it to actually actually feeling good. I did this and sleeping with it at the same time, about a week ago.

    Unlike the advice given I would use it every night, sleep with it in, no masturbation. Reading some of the comments I seem to be on the younger-side of the age scale of this board, so that might factor in for your own decision making. But two days ago I took a shower and I thought what the hell, I'll try the dildo again. I attached it to the wall, and it to me, and I went at it. What I did different was I used the methods of controlling my muscles and using my mind to build on those feelings that I've been practicing; I imagined that a girl that I cared for was pegging me with it at a constant pace, going with me all steps of the way and not judging me in the least. I couldn't believe I was experiencing that corny "my hips are moving on their own!" line that's in about every hentai comic. My first dry orgasm was quite a satisfying experience, I didn't let out a drop yet I felt satisfied sexually. I certainly worth the adventure at that point, and I was going to type about it after the fact but got busy. Sorry as that would make a quicker read but I would have asked questions that now don't need to be answered.

    The next day I was concerned: was I going to get similar results with the smaller Aneros I got? I didn't want a small increase, and that Vice might sound interesting but not $140 interesting. Fortunately size didn't matter at all and climax occurred with similar mindset. The read the Milestone "Dry orgasm without Aneros" and thought "bullshit I tried that "jackpot.mp3" thing a few times and nothing." Well I had to contract more, but, well I don't know about other men but I seem to have this vein that goes over the outside of my prostate that i felt best when I rubbed with my index finger that had a good feel to it. I could feel that focusing without the Aneros and eased that line to orgasm. The "ride" is really hard on my neck, I'm going to have to work on that as my neck's always bothering me. The best thing was it felt comforting to really feel that I had control of my sexuality instead of being frustrated by its expressions.

    So that brings me to today. I was initially going to break my routine because I have to get up early but seeing the destination made that hard to avoid. I put it in, sat down, watched TV and looked at some porn on my laptop to slowly build myself up. I think I took an hour to go with it. I haven't done too much moving with it in, just sitting because it's easier for me to feel the Aneros and all rocking my hips did was give some minor aid. I think i built up for about an hour and decided that sitting there probably wasn't going to get me to the next step; i had to move to get the first orgasm I'm going to have to move to get the next. I got on my hands and knees and started rocking to the same pace as I've been feeling the "Aneros moving in long strokes" step, contracting my right muscles and being sure to keep a "slow buildup". I was feeling the buildup for about 5 minutes, knowing it was coming, so much so that I barely noticed when my thrusting increased and I was off.

    I was shaking on my knees, until they were really shaking, switched to my back until that was getting me tired, then I flipped on my recliner, "inspected" the springs on that, then went thru the rotation again until I had to call it off due to oxygen deprivation. You guys need to sell or advise bumper equipment; I almost knocked over my LCD, busted my laptop, and traveled at least 6 feet. I'm guessing this all happened over 10 minutes by the song repeat but who's to say.

    It took alot longer to type this because my hands still aren't steady yet. I'm not big on talking myself up, but because you guys have been so helpful I wanted to help the others who have been having difficulties. If you skipped to the end, good on you, I'll sum my advice up:
    - None of these are too small. You can make them work
    - Pregame! Clean yourself out, and use your finger to get comfortable with your prostate. It'll quicken the connection
    - Do what works for you. I don't get the recommended breathing, but I can breathe. Adjust what you need to adjust
    The rest I won't take credit for, the guys who did the wiki and the posters I gleamed experiences from helped.

    Finally thanks for coming up with such a wonderful product. I read a thread about an newer Vice model, I think I might get that when it comes out, but the SGX is perfectly fine.