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Can i hope for prostate relief benefits
  • Hi all

    I have read page after page about the amazing sexual side of the product and cant wait to really experience it, but I also am very eager to see releift from my prostate related irritants

    I suffer from periodic -

    Discomfort when peeing
    Feeling still need to pee after gone
    Feeling of swelling like as per my log in sitting on a golf ball
    general ache

    I have had two DRE recently and more in the last 6 years, urine tets come back negative and I am told my prostate feels normal. My gut feeling is this issue is a stress issue and or sitting for too long

    So based on all this has anyone else had similar issues and experienced the device helping with them?

    I wish more urologists would come on this great forum :(
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    see my response to your other thread.