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Mon experience / my experience
  • French/english (google traduction).

    Hello all,

    I received my Aneros MGX there two weeks.
    After 3 tries, I get internal contractions after 10 minutes.
    Contractions completly désordely.I try to retain only those contractions squeezing my sphincter.
    At that moment, my heart beats faster and faster (as if I run) and I felt something going up more and more.
    I arrive at the edge of orgasm without having to succeed.
    At that moment, all my muscles get tense (as before ejaculated).
    Question what I could do to trigger an orgasm?

    Thank you

    Salut à tous,
    J'ai reçu mon anéros MGX il y a 2 semaines.
    Après 3 essais, j'obtiens des contractions internes au bout de 10mn environ.
    Des contractions complètements désordonnées.J'arrive à garder ces contractions uniquement en serrant mon sphincter.
    A ce moment la, mon coeur bat de plus en plus rapidement (comme si j'avais fait un sprint) et je ressent quelquechose qui monte de plus en plus.
    J'arrive au bord de l'orgasme mais sans reussir à l'avoir.
    A ce moment la, tous mes muscles deviennent cripsés (comme avant une éjaculation).
    Ques ce que je pourrait faire pour déclencher l'orgasme?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
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    Hello, Mark.

    Only 3 tries and you have these results? Excellent! That is rapid progress.

    The feelings you describe are very familiar to many of us. The problem with trying to trigger an orgasm is that you will end up chasing it forever and not get one.

    Let the orgasm come to you without pursuit. I know this is very difficult, but it is the only way for most Aneros users to succeed.

    Good luck and best wishes for more progress,