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Aneros and Alcohol
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    As some allready know I'm a huge proponent of (occasional) mj use with Aneros. I like to wait at least a few weeks before I use again as the effect diminishes when used too often. I've found the transition back to normal daily life easier if I had some alcohol the nights after
    I've never been a big drinker and perhaps my re-wiring has played a part as well. But I've noticed really beneficial effects with both the Aneros and the KSMO when I drunk approx.half a bottle of red wine the night before.
    The day after I feel my chi is very strong and I'm horny as hell.

    I did the KSMO yesterday and I've never ever had a session as amazing as this!!
    In fact when I was working out on the bench press, the breaths in between I was coming hard.
    Sure I've had echo effects before, but this was ridiculous(glad I work out at home ;)) I had to control myself to stop myself loudly moaning with pleasure

    Same with the Aneros today, one of my best non-mj sessions ever!

    Anyway I was wondering if anyone else has similar experiences of enhanced sensitivity the day after drinking alcohol?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    Yeah, as you've said, pot goes well with Aneros. My wife and I don't smoke it more than once a month these days since that's about the frequency of all the kids being away for the night. Alcohol is another story. We drink wine or hard liquor every day, in moderation of course. I know it really lowers my wife's inhibitions. I can't say I've noticed any specific effects other that intoxication. The only way I'd know if sex after alcohol was any different from sex without imbibing would be to stop drinking for a few days. That's a sacrifice I'm not prepared to make right now. :)


  • chrono273chrono273
    Posts: 44
    I havent noticed anything the day after. However, it has helped me relax more if I have a few beers before a session. Ive had some of my best sessions with a beer or 2 in me. Any more than that and I find myself having to get up to go to the bathroom very few minutes....haha