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Newb with some questions
  • cal2cal2
    Posts: 10
    Hi, I came across the anero and am interested.
    I have some questions and hope you can help me.

    1) which model should I get? I'm 6 feet tall if this is important. no experience with anal toys or something like that.
    2) is it absolutely necessary to do an enema before using the anero? what would happen if it's not totally clean in there would this be a danger somehow?
    3) how do you clean it? water will not be enough right? then what can you use? alcohol?
    4) can you only use it in a lying position or could you also use it standing? could you hurt yourself when you've inserted it and then make a wrong move?
    5) since this is a medical device is it always safe or could it also cause prostate or rectal problems?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, cal2.

    Welcome to the Forum. The full answers to all of your questions can be found in the Wiki, which is linked at the top of this page.


    I'm same height as you and started with Helix. Enemas are not required. The rectum is usually clean and empty unless you have digestive issues. If you want to be sure, use a small bulb-type douche to rinse out with a few ounces of water.

    Clean the helix with soap and water.

    Any position will work while "wearing" a Helix.

    If you lubricate yourself and the Helix well, there's little chance you can hurt yourself with it.

    Read up on this stuff, then decide.


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Hi cal2,

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums, your best source of information for learning about the multiple benefits and joys of using the Aneros prostate massagers. Most of the answers to your questions may be found by reading appropriate sections of the Aneros WIKI.[QUOTE=cal2;96491]1) which model should I get?In regard to choosing a first Aneros model, I recommend that you first read the following : Selection Guide from the Aneros Learning Center pages, "Choosing a Model" from the WIKI and “Which model is best for new users?” from the Community Polls Forum. For additional information and reviews, you may wish to read the Sticky: Aneros Products Reviewed. Typically, I recommend either the Helix or MGX models for beginners. Incidentally, if you purchase either the SGX or MGX model through this website you are eligible for the 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Bigger is not necessarily better, the saying "Good things come in small packages." is particularly applicable to the Peridise model, but then it is not a prostate massager.

    2) is it absolutely necessary to do an enema before using the anero? what would happen if it's not totally clean in there would this be a danger somehow?

    No, it is not absolutely necessary to do an enema at all, see Cleaning your rectum in the Aneros WIKI. There is no danger if your rectum is not totally clean, however, some fecal matter may slightly impede the movement of your massager and thus decrease your pleasure response.

    3) how do you clean it? water will not be enough right? then what can you use? alcohol?

    See the WIKI section noted above, warm water is perfectly fine and the ONLY liquid you should use to to perform a rectal flush, DO NOT USE ALCOHOL!

    4) can you only use it in a lying position or could you also use it standing? could you hurt yourself when you've inserted it and then make a wrong move?

    See the Body Positions section in the WIKI.

    5) since this is a medical device is it always safe or could it also cause prostate or rectal problems?

    It is my understanding this is NOT an FDA approved medical device at this time, although it is being evaluated for that purpose and there is an ongoing study regarding their therapeutic usage. High Island Health LLC is the parent company & manufacturer of the Aneros® brand of prostate massagers. This patented device was originally and is currently offered for sale as the Pro-State® line of massagers on the High Island Health website. The HIH website is primarily oriented toward the health aspects and benefits of prostate massage in accord with Oriental medicine for prostate related issues. A forum for users to discuss practice with these devices also exists on that website, I encourage you to check out that site to learn more about the health benefits, the ongoing Columbia Medical School study using the Pro-State massagers and testimonials from users regarding their experiences. The Aneros® website, by contrast, is oriented toward the sensual pleasure aspects of prostate massage.
  • cal2cal2
    Posts: 10
    Hi, thanks for your replies. I was indeed able to find answers for some of my questions in the FAQ which I had not seen before. However I just read on this site here that doing prostate massages can be dangerous and even lethal when done wrong. :eek:
    That's a bit scary. He also writes that he has not had any problems with an aneros but it's still scary isn't it? And also ask myself what happens if you start prostate massaging and then only do it a few times or not regularly? Could this cause problems which did not exist before because now you activated the prostate? And what about those "after shocks" which some users report? This also sounds a bit concerning. I mean I wouldn't want to walk around outside or ride a bike and then suddenly cringe uncontrollably because of an "after shock".

    Prostate Orgasm

    A prostate orgasm should always be done gently. There are those who recommend a very vigorous prostate stimulation or massage when trying to achieve the strongest orgasm. That can cause serious medical injuries. Even fatality.

    Remember: Always be gentle during prostate orgasm stimulation. This is very important! If you are too vigorous you can injure yourself.
    If you see blood in you semen, stop the prostate stimulation immediately. If the blood remains in your semen or urine, seek professional medical help.
    Pain the lower abdomen is also a sign that internal damage has been done.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Just to be clear on this and not to become overly alarmist, but ANY activity involving the human body has some risk of injury and even death, e.g. simply Drinking Too Much Water Can Kill you. Life involves risk, this is a fact every human being faces everyday, hopefully you will not allow your fears to cripple your efforts to enjoy much of the opportunities life has to offer.

    Aneros massagers, when used in accord with the manufacturers directions, probably provide the gentlest possible massage you will ever receive. Since the movement is entirely controlled by your own internal muscles it is nearly impossible for you to move them in a way to cause pain or discomfort. However, if you have certain pre-existing, unhealthy conditions in your prostate such as bacterial infections or cancer, then any form of massage could aggravate that condition. Aneros use is in no way a vigorous prostate massage technique, so the risks of injury are substantially reduced.

    You are totally free to use your massager as frequently or infrequently as you like, there are not likely to be any negative consequences from discontinuing use other than the loss of pleasureful experiences. If your regular usage lead to a decrease in BPH related symptoms and/or reduced hemorrhoidal conditions then ceasing use may see a return of those conditions.

    The "after shocks" or echo effects some users report are rarely, if ever, so intense as to make you "...cringe uncontrollably..." and they are usually of very short duration. Most often these are pleasant, gentle reminders of your previous Anerosession, like a loving internal caress of care and thoughtfulness, a gift from your body to your mind to be savored and enjoyed. Many experienced users come to enjoy these little sensations during our mundane daily regimes and take a few moments to quietly enjoy them. In any event there is really no need to be concerned or worried about a sudden onslaught of uncontrollable orgasmic spasms, you are always able to maintain control through your mental focus.
  • cal2cal2
    Posts: 10
    Hello, what worries me a bit is this word "awakening". When I read this then this sounds a bit like once the prostate has become awakened then you'll suddenly be hypersensitive and get an orgasm even when you have a bowel movement. That's not really something I'd want. Or imagine you go to a proctologist and he sticks his instrument in there and you get an orgasm that would suck and most likely he'd also think "What's going on with this guy?!"
    Btw, could a proctologist tell wether you're inserting an aneros? Would it somehow stretch the sphincter?
    And how unpleasant is the insertion if you're not used to insert anything?

    And can alcohol be used to cleanse the aneros? I don't know if soap is enough against bacteria.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    You are projecting far too much anxiety into an experience you have yet to attempt. While it is smart to gain as much information as you can about this subject, so you can apply common sense in your practice, it is not wise to speculate and over estimate the potential effects.

    A Prostate Awakening does not mean you will become "hypersensitive" any more than awakening from a good nights sleep makes you hypersensitive for your daily activities. You are not going to start spontaneously orgasming with each bowel movement nor will you likely experience an orgasm from your doctor's anual digital rectal exam. It is not likely your doctor will be able to determine your Aneros usage at all, unless you tell him (which you should BTW). The size of the Aneros massagers is small enough that no permanent stretching of your anal sphincter is likely, in fact, from regular use your muscle tone, strength and control of your sphincter will likely increase.

    Please read the WIKI sections I suggested in my PM to you and the Misconceptions section as well.
  • cal2cal2
    Posts: 10
    Which one would you recommend for a newbie? The MXG or the helix? I read that the handles of the MXG aren't as comfortable as the ones of the helix and that the helix is better.

    And what kind of lube should one use? I watched a video on youtube and the prostate guy said that using silicone lube isn't healthy because you rub this stuff directly in your prostate and then it gets in the blood. I think this sounds pretty logical.
  • chrono273chrono273
    Posts: 44
    Hey cal2, I have not had a helix, so I cant really say for sure. Personally, I have had the most luck with my MGX out of my models when it comes to getting in the "zone". You have to realize though that each person is made differently so what works for me may not work for you.

    The MGX handles can be uncomfortable, but this can be avoided by using a cotton ball to cover the tab against the perenium.

    I personally use good old KY Jelly/ vasoline combo, both work great and keep the area lubricated for hours.

    Good luck,

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Welcome cal2,

    Our hope is that you'll join us in our orgasmic and pleasuring ventures:

    I'll add some bulk to the discussion, with the wish that it will help you deal with any remaining reservations or anxieties:

    Enema? (it's really more a "rinse" or "douche") I think it depends on diet more than any other factor, with soluble fiber and Pablum (baby food) at one extreme while Hambuger and Popcorn is the worst case. An aneros session with small bone chips or popcorn kernels is not good. If you are strong on high-fiber you may sweep your insides clean on a daily basis. Solution -- just order a Higginson syringe with your Aneros and keep an empty plastic bottle handy as a 'just-in-case.' There are other alternatives in the Wiki.

    Tool cleaning: depends on the lubes you select more than any other factor. Dave's warm water and bar soap (anti-bacterial) scrub while in the shower is a winner after each use. If you're using a greasier tool lube like Vaseline or Crisco, an occasional soak in peroxide or a run in the dishwasher will leave it sparkling clean. If you are already using alcohol to sanitize a Fleshlight that might also work with the Aneros but the soap scrub by hand is basic.

    Moves: Far easier than you'll ever believe! Go slow at first and as you learn you can get more aggressive--you'll find few or no surprises. For sex, Yoga or the meditative martial arts look at the smaller tools (SGX, Peridise etc.) Guide is your own comfort and pleasure. However, some guys here do pack a Progasm throughout foreplay and sex. :)

    My story on medical aspects: After two years I have fewer issues with hemmohroids than ever before in my adult life. My rectal muscle tone is better (TMI: I pass better formed stools and don't have to spend more than a few moments doing so.) The strength and tone of my PC and sphincter muscles is far better than before-Aneros. My prostate enlargement seems to have slowed or halted, my PSA scores are lower and I require smaller doses of alpha-blockers to pee like a horse. My wife was the first to know about Helix--my Urologist was the second. Every year, he and I discuss how I'm doing with it. He has no reservations about my Aneros use other than to lube well and prove out each move. Have I ever bruised myself -- yes. Did I heal in a couple of days -- yes. I do play the corners of the envelope! Life is good. ----> :)

    Prostate sensitivity: Not an issue. This is just an additonal sense that you'll gain. Think of it just like you would if you suddenly awakened your sense of smell to the pheromones of other people and could identify others by scent. Or, determine their health or emotional desires. -- or, if you gained the capability to see and interpret Infrared light from your TV remote or the radio signals from your garage door opener. However, early in my journey (around session nine), I recall sitting on the toilet one morning and having my feet suddenly pounding on the floor. Only happened once. -- just one of those funny things that happen as an adjunct to the fun we have here.