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First real dry-O after 2 years! Music was critical, but I need some music advice.
  • jackfrostjackfrost
    Posts: 37
    I thought I was having Dry-O's before, but now I realize, I've all this time been having P-waves, very strong ones, but P-waves none the less.

    Two days ago I had what entirely felt like a regular orgasm, my dick was bouncing all over, eyes closed, and I swear I was spraying cum all over the place... I opened my eyes and found a bunch of prostate fluid running down me, but that was it!

    It was so amazing, I never realized after 2 years that it _can_ be indistinguishable from a regular orgasm.

    The big change was listening to up-beat, but not too fast music without vocals. I used Slacker ('s Electronic->Chill [Non-vocal] channel. I'm a subscriber, so no audio commercials here.

    In my head I fantasized about various women dancing naked _to_ the music. I let the music lead the way and the fantasy follow that.

    The problem is, it's rare to find a good song that I can really do this to. It has to be non-vocal, and not too fast, something you could invision a stripper slowly dancing to in a sexy way.

    Do you guys listen to music, and if so, what do you listen to?

    I've tried to repeat the orgasm since then but am always falling short now. I get excited "OH ITS STARTING", then I lose it all.

    I see the pattern, as soon as I have a breakthrough, I have a "set back" for about a week until I go get frustrated and forget about my breakthrough, then another breakthrough happens.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Many members, including myself, have found listening to music helpful in relaxing and getting into the mood for their Anerosessions. I invite you to check out the Muse Music selections suggested by the membership. You could also sample some experimental tunes from my free music download area.

    P.S. Congratulations on the progress toward further pleasures, this is an ever evolving journey with new things to see, feel and learn along the way. Why not carry along some tunes with you?