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Involuntaries - would like more detail
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I know in a general sense what involuntaries are, but after having spent a few months reading this forum, a few blogs and the Wiki, I'm still a bit foggy as to what exactly qualifies.

    Let me explain where I am in my journey.
    I haven't experienced a Super-O, but I find sessions are still very pleasurable. Once or twice I've had what I'd call a dry orgasm. There were no contractions, just a rush of orgasmic-peak pleasure for a few seconds.
    The rest of my sessions I'd describe as being in some sort of high plateau phase, feeling very nice and on the edge of something bigger, but not exactly orgasmic-magnitude pleasure.

    When it comes to involuntaries, I've had three types:
    The first and most common type I get is fluttering, very small and fast vibrations. I get these at the start of my session and for about the first hour in general if I stay focused.
    The second type is the big clech, where the aneros hits me just right and causes my anus to squeeze tight for a second or two, then releases. (this is not really pleasurable, it's more distracting and usually ends the fluttering)
    The third is where I think I'm getting closest to involuntaries, and that's when I get the rolling anal/pc contractions that make the aneros pivot back and forth. I get these very rarely, they're pretty weak and I lose them within a few seconds.
    My sense is that I should be aiming for the third kind?

    What I'd like to know really, is more detail about involuntaries. I've never had really hard rhythmic involuntary contractions and I feel like I'm missing a trick.
    The closest I've been to what I think is the ideal, was that time it did the pivoting thing, and even then it felt like I was doing it voluntarily just a little bit... like it was 50/50 voluntary/involuntary.

    Any tips/info?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, Clenchy.

    Sounds like you're making excellent progress and are at the point where what guys here call "re-wiring" is starting to happen. Actually, rewiring is a misnomer. All of your existing pleasure circuits will remain intact. What's happening is, you're building additional circuits.

    The main new circuit your brain/body is trying to construct will couple muscle movements in the region of your prostate to pleasurable feelings in your prostate. You can use voluntary contractions that cause pleasurable feelings to help build the new circuit. Eventually, your body will make those movements on its own. Round and round, in and out, side to side, etc. For me, the involuntary contractions were sporadic and weak at first, much as you describe. It took months for them to become strong. Now, the only time I use voluntary contractions is to redirect the action.

    Another thing... You may find that gentle, smooth contractions yield much more sensation that vigorous, abrupt ones. At least that's how it is for me.

    Best of luck to you for more and better,

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    It took me months but contractions come fairly automatically and involuntarily for me now. For me, fluttering anal contractions come first, then an involuntary and difficult to explain sensation that the Aneros is being sucked in and gripped very tightly in my rectum. This involuntary "pulling in" contraction is what builds up the orgasmic sensation, first inside my pelvis than out into my penis, until the point is reached it feels I'm ejaculating intensely, though I'm completely dry.

    Sounds like to me you're well on your way.
  • ScottDScottD
    Posts: 25
    I concur with ten. I can remember the same thing happening myself. I would get that third type of rhythmic involuntaries, and at first I wasn't sure that they were involuntary at all. Over the next two or three sessions, I kept working at it, tuning things until, out of the blue, everything just clicked and I had a bout of involuntaries that lasted a few minutes. It got easier and easier from there, and about two sessions later, I could call them up instantly at will. Just keep making minor course corrections and if you feel that rhythmic twitch, try to hold onto it.
  • teabagsteabags
    Posts: 9

    I am new at this, and if you respond, not even sure how to find a respose. I have an enlarged prostate and hoping this will help.

    62, no longer get erections or nothing turns me on, no sex with the ex for 10 years, use it or lose it I guess.

    Bought 2 Aneros products 2 years ago and got nothing about of it, threw them away. Have recently ordered the Helix as it is promoted for beginners, my patience level for this is short in nature but working on that. As nothing happens, I tend to give up in a short period of time.

    This week I bought the cd, tired to follow instructions, laid in bed listening to the words but more listening to the overall noise. To my astonishment, I believe I did fall asleep, hard for me. Other than relaxation I got nothing out of the session, that I know of. I guess what I did get out was being relaxed enough to fall asleep, which is hard for me in general.

    Before talking to a guy on staff, I was doing the exercises alllllll wrong. Somehow the web instructions need to be more direct and to the point, but that is not your concern.

    I want to learn and do, religion is a factor in my brain, and feel as I believe it serves a bodily function , but with a great deal of frustation. By reading these posts daily now, I see I am not the only one with the frustration.

    People speak of corrections, and I can't even concieve what is meant.

    Ordered the little lub tubes of lube thinking it would help, used them and ordered a suringe, guessing that is better.

    I am jsut writing a number of thoughts thinking with your experience you or somebody can help get me on track.

    I have read some blogs were people are very frustrated even angry, and while I don't feel like that can understand.

    What is meant by leg twitching, and what is the significance?

    I am not sure what other info to give you at this point, will try again when I get the lub.

    Question, trying to imagine how to lube without the sringe or the applicators, how to get enough, and HOW MUCH LUBE IS ENOUGH?

    Look forward to your help,

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but you know I'm not an expert, right? Like you, I'm 62. I have BPH, Gout, and am very athletic despite those issues. Unlike you, I have a very sexy and sexually engaged wife. So, our starting point baselines going into the Aneros thing were way different. I mention that because what worked for me may not have any bearing at all for you. What gives me some hope you can find success is, your recent Aneros session resulted in relaxation. That was a significant effect. Leg twitching also indicates the Aneros is having an effect.

    Here are five Aneros basics you should checklist:

    1. Understand what sustained prostate contact feels like. Use your finger, a Zucchini in a condom, or a Certified Massage Therapist to get there
    2. Figure out how to relax completely with the tool inserted. (I found this to be really difficult.) Yoga, Zen, or any generic meditation class will help
    3. Lubricate the tool enough so it moves freely by hand. Over-lubricating is OK, just messy.
    4. When the tool is inside and you hold a contraction, you should be able to feel it against your prostate. See 1, above.
    5. Practice for 30 minutes or more, every day. It may take a few weeks of this before you wake up your prostate enough to feel anything pleasant.

    Judging by the posts I've read on this site, for some guys it can take months or over a year of regular practice to achieve large P-waves, and then even more time to get to orgasms. The key to getting there when the climb is shallow and long is to build on the small pleasure that can show up after a few weeks.

    Best of luck to you in making this thing happen,

  • teabagsteabags
    Posts: 9

    Wrote to you earlier. I remembered one thing.

    Don't know if it was associated, cd and sleeping, but when I finished, I had a discharge out my annus. Don't know if it was the lube or what.

    Was that anything, is that part of the process?

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    The discharge was probably lube. No big deal if you have a towel. :)

    See my response earlier today.


  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    Thanks for the replies guys. Some very interesting thoughts. :)