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My experiences with the Aneros, sadly so
  • Hello

    I've been trying the Aneros SGX (I think, or the MGX) and with no results. That was 3 years ago or something.

    Now I have the Progasm, because I'm quite tall, over 6'5" and weight a lot (serious obesity). It's not by far too big, in fact I think it's the best size yet.

    Here's what I do.

    I place the Aneros in. I'm experienced in that part so I don't need to relax beforehand. Then, I wait 10-20 minutes until I no longer feel the Aneros. But with the Progasm, I do feel the K-tab. I do breathing and listen to audio sessions regarding Aneros that are supposed to get you aroused. They do.

    Then, for 30 minutes or longer I do the squeeze exercies. This sometimes leads to my legs shaking. But this barely feels good enough to justify the insertion of Aneros, which is always a process.

    When I squeeze, I hold for a few seconds, then release. I squeeze on inhale, and exhale on release. I've tried different positions as well.

    But one of the problems I think is that when I squeeze, I squeeze so that the penis moves also. Am I supposed to try and only squeeze the anus and try not to move the penis at all?

    Any more tips and help on this would be greatly appreciated. :)

    - PU