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Some Questions for the Super-O Veterans
  • So I have been using the Aneros for about 6 months now. I have yet to achieve the Super-O or any type of 'O' really. After about a month of no success, I have been experiencing Super-T's for a while. I usually watch some porn for an hour and then after nothing other than a huge erection I feel failure and tend to masturbate until I cum, ending the session. (Is this counterproductive to getting the Super-O?)

    I'm now trying to achieve the Super-O, commit fully to the suggestions in the Wiki page, and am not going to ejaculate until I find success with the Super-O. (Is that a good idea?) Can anyone give me tips on what a typical session should be like for re-wiring and trying to evolve to Super-O? In a session....How long should I aim for? Should I watch some porn to increase arousal? What is the best position to use? I usually get alot of arousal with I'm on my back with my legs bent, and only get real pleasure when I relax EVERY part of my body. I have not experienced any full-body spasms, just a really intense erection and slight, rare pulses near the Aneros.

    What should you suggest to, if needed, to re-re-wire my self for the Super-O, not Super-T, and please describe how I should conduct my sessions to get on the path to the Super-O? I know its different for everyone, but I've done the Super-T's for so long I want to know from people that are Super-O vets how to get where they are.

  • rockbttmrockbttm
    Posts: 8
    Make sure to be completely relaxed, no phone no tv nothing that will distract you from your session. Do slow deep breaths and let the aneros do all the work. I know you want it to work right away but you do need alot of time. I do it on my day off when i have hours to kill. Take your time and breathe, relax and it will happen, and keep your hands off the big guy. I usually just think about my sessions like a few days before and that keeps me aroused untill i start. Focus on your prostate when you start and not the big guy. Good luck hope this helps. Trust me it toook me just as long to reach that ultimate goal.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi aneros_user40908!! :D :D And welcome to your aneros journey and this great diverse community!! :D :D

    You are in a very good "place" as you describe your experience to date and your strong desire now. Several questions first, if I may. Only answer to your comfort limits. How old are you? Are you in an intimate relationship or having occasional sex partners at all? Have you had any previous anal play experience solo and/or with a partner?

    I'm 64, straight-bi, having had an exploratory gay relationship in my youth, married 40+ years, mixed Aneros/KSMO for 4 years, with some previous background in sexual kung fu.

    Don't worry about whatever background in this you may or may not have. When I began here four years ago, I was effectively as much a newbie as anyone else. I did not get instant results, even involuntaries right away. I couldn't have a session without wanting, needing to masturbate at the end of it. Old habits are there for all of us, each in our unique personal history.

    Part of making real progress here can involve having to sense and identify any emotional or other "need" impediments.
    We all (almost all, there are always some unique exceptions) need to be able to
    • be deeply relaxed and completely open to allowing our body,
    • (or body/mind as compared to ego/mind),
    • to be doing whatever it will,
    • without any particular goals or expectations, and
    • be listening for any whispers, tingles, your "pulses near the Aneros"
    • any electrical tingles,
    • even the slightest p-wave (pleasure wave) breathing lightly through your body
    * involuntary rhythmic muscle contractions however light and/or brief
    • and all without ever reaching out to try to control any of the above.

    Abandon the idea of "failure" in sessions.
    Build on any natural occurrence such as, to paraphrase you:
    • 'lots of arousal on back with legs bent', and
    • 'real pleasure when I relax EVERY part of my body', and
    • 'really intense erection', and
    • 'slight, rare pulses near the Aneros',
    • and any others that appear...

    That is the essence of a good rewiring session, IMHO. You are already showing excellent early signs!! Try separating your these sessions from masturbation. Give yourself a day or two between aneros sessions and have any masturbation session a day or more before your next aneros session. This is just a general rule of thumb. Find your own best balance. Over time your body/mind will let you know. Don't carry on with a session if your mind starts wandering, think of this as relaxed informal meditation. No touching your penis ever in these sessions.

    Try to wait at least a couple of hours before you release the ejaculation tension if at all possible. If you have a good imagination, just visualize all that pent up energy swirling into and through your prostate, where a lot of it actually is in prep for an ejaculation, and blossoming like fireworks or electricity into your whole lower abdomen, even up your spine, always allowing it to be in charge and go where it chooses if you actually begin to feel it happening. Give up efforts to impose ego/mind control.

    Attitude and gratitude are key elements, along with relaxed deep desire.

    Without expectations, you may find that you get some after effects, later the same day, and/or in the day or two between your aneros sessions. Those are natural and another good sign, so allow them within the bounds of privacy and civility if they happen in public (don't worry, that is highly unlikely, your body/mind generally can determine when you will be more relaxed and open to its testing you).

    See the Wiki for some examples, and the Polls in the Community Polls section of this Forum, where these topic are questioned, voted, and answered in detail too. Also join us in the open text chats here each weekend where you can get your questions answered bay that day's participant, and get to know other and their stories related to your questions and comments. All the best with you ongoing journey aneros_user40908!!

    all the best with your relaxed desired journey through the multi-level dry orgasmic adventure all

  • Thanks for the great advice rockbttm and artform! I will keep going and practice your suggestions and tips. I think the hardest part will be having "no expectations". But I will let you know if I experience any progress. I am still open to more suggestions or any information.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    I've finally discovered how to never feel the need to ejaculate; basically just don't stimulate your penis. So now I haven't ejaculated for a while and have been in super-arousal territory for almost a week. I've recently been feeling strong phantom-pleasure in my pelvis randomly (more strongly without the aneros it seems). Then the pleasure grabs my penis and I feel like it's being stimulated from the inside, leading to a strong erection, and it's now happened in public a few times! Hahaaaa... scary stuff!

    Also, when I stimulate the nipples, it has a feeling of constant pleasure in the penis...

    All this throbbing pleasure can be torturous (good torture though). I just hope I'm on my way to having a dry orgasm soon so I can properly release this crazy sexual energy.

    But I like to think of super-arousal as being in "dry-orgasm land" (a fantasy world / alternate universe) and when you're in Dry Orgasm Land, the air itself is filled with sexual energy, and a soft breeze will cause you to get rock hard in pleasure. The problem is that noobies to this land (such as myself) may think that this soft breeze is the pre-cursor to a dry orgasm, but no, it's just the baseline pleasure everyone feels, being in this land. And like I said, it can be a bit torturous, but, just stick it out and enjoy the fresh air and you'll get your dry orgasm delivered to your little colorful cottage ontop of a beautiful rolling hill filled with green grass and patches of flowers, in time. ETA is different for everyone. imagination I guess...
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 864
    Hello, 40908.

    Sounds like you are well on your way to success. The advice, above in this thread is all good.

    I've only been at this game for 4 months and with super-Os for 3 1/2 months, so I'm not a veteran, yet. One point of data I can pass along is, keep an open mind and awareness of the luck factor. Your Aneros might kick into high gear when you least expect it. It might be when you are walking across the room, climbing the stairs, walking the dog or even, as in my case, asleep. My first super was already happening when I awoke from accidentally falling asleep with the Helix inside. For a moment, I freaked out, then realized what was happening and went with the flow. If and when something like that happens to you, don't panic, be happy.

    Best wishes for continuing success to you,