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Beginning's of a super O
  • Hi,
    I purchased the aneros starter kit in the 2nd Feb 2011 and have had it a week. I tried it out when I got it and nothing x 2.

    Anyway, using this:,

    i worked my way to distinguish between an anal and pc muscle contraction and afterabout half an hour I just didnt feel anything. So I decided to mastrabate my cock, and was having fun, sweating heaps and getting hot. I had a mini orgasm which was more of a whimper and then my cocj went flaccid. So continuing on, mastrabating i focused on a fantasy. I did have a penile orgasm, but felt the beginning of a super orgasm, i have had this feeling before but something in my subconcious holds me back from stepping over the edge. I have the MGX and feel its just not big enoug, i plan to buy the progasm, as thats the biggest one and i feel that my parts need something to really push aganst them, to set of the super o. I feel refreshed by the one tonight, but am looking forward to the mindblowing one the progasm will give me when i get it, i might even go the whole hog and get the aneros vice.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    While some devices are better suited than others in meeting your personal needs, none of these products will necessarily produce instant results. If you consult the Aneros WIKI you will learn that the Super-O often takes time and patience to achieve. I'm not discouraging you from buying one of the larger models particularly if you're already accustomed to larger fare, but I would suggest that you take a little more time with the MGX that you have. Learn about your body, and try to get some understanding of what this response is about. The Super-O has it's origins in subtle sensations that can be easily overlooked.

    BF Mayfield
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    The smaller the tool, the better results I have. The Eupho delivers the most consistent and intense results of all to me. Nothing wrong with a few different sized tools, but work with your MGX a while and learn to identify the subtle sensations that lead to super-O's before you branch out.