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muscle spasms
  • To preface, I'm brand new to the world of Aneros. I had my third session (using a Progasm) last night. Shortly after beginning I began having a series of full-body muscle spasms, small at first but quickly building in intensity and duration. Within minutes I was thrashing about uncontrollably. As soon as one ended, another began. It was just like I saw in the videos referenced elsewhere in this forum. I was able to achieve this in any position I tried. All told, the session lasted almost 4 hours (seriously). While the sensations were spectacular, I couldn't call them sexually satisfying. It was like being repeatedly and mildly electrically shocked, for lack of a better explanation.
    My question is: how would this experience be classified? I doubt if I was experienceng dry orgasms due to the lack of sexual satisfaction, but what were they? And what suggestions does anyone have to help me reach the next level? Thanks!
  • Hello, Spyderman.

    I'm relatively new at this game as well; 4 months. Muscle spasms are a common effect. Based on my reading of posts here, some people get them more than others. I dislike them intensely. Others find them associated with ecstasy.

    As soon as I get the first leg or foot spasm, which is where they start for me, I change my breathing and consciously fight it off. Then, I relax and get back into P-wave mode. That leads to Big-O City most of the time. It seems like once I get past the spasm phase everything falls into place.