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Is the ps2 new the same size at the MGX?
  • Hi everyone i was looking over at the high island health website at the ps2 new and i am considering buying
    it the difference in the shape of the head has got me curious about what new sensations i could acheive
    with it but first i need to ask is this the same size as the asian SGX or the non asian MGX model?
    I was quiet dissapointed with the aneros new line of products i ceratinly dont need an aneros that vibrates
    it just ruins the sensation and i certainly do not need another peridise i already have two i was really hoping
    the would release another plastic model just like the others but to my disspaointment they have not.

    Cheers thecritta
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    High Island Health is a different marketing arm of the same company. Virtually all the devices that you will see there are offered on the Aneros site in one form or another. The PS2 is sold as the MGX on this site. The PS NEW is known as the Classic or the MGX Classic on this site. This device is only available in the Volcano Pack (as set that comes with the SGX, the Classic and some lube) on this site. If you want to purchase it individually you will have to buy it from the HIH site.

    With respect to the size, it is slightly longer than the MGX. The chief difference lies in the tip where there are several raised bumps. These make for a more aggressive massage. Btw. this was the first generation Aneros massager, it's the first one I is the one that started it all! One other difference is in the P tab. As you may notice it has the old style hockey stick design. This tab engages the perineum higher (nearer to the scrotum). As far as I know I was the first person to modify an Aneros and I did so in an effort to lower the tab. Once this was accomplished I found that the tab was right on top of my sweet spot, it really kicked things into high gear! I made my findings known to the company and they incorporated the shorter tab into their products thereafter.

    With respect to yourself, I seem to recall that you've have had some heath problems relating to your prostate. I should mention to you that some users found the Classic irritating (the bumps on the tip). I would be concerned that you might as well.

    In regards to new products, be patient, can't say when they'll be released but I know there are new plastic models on the way.


    BF Mayfield