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is something happening?
  • Hi Guys, Joined the forum a few days ago and I have a question but a bit of background first.
    I am a 66year old straight male I have lived alone for the last ten years after my marriage broke up,the only sex I have is masturbation but suffering a bit of ED it has not been very enjoyable. I then stumbled on prostate orgasms and got interested, I purchased a Helix and used it for about 2 weeks with no results at all. Having had some private anal play I thought perhaps the Helix wasnt big enough so I got a Progasm which I used for the first time last night although it felt better nothing happened apart from a very slight felling that I wanted a pee, but this morning I have a strange feeling in what seems to be the area of my prostate not particularly sexual but also not unpleasant, my question is is this the start of something or is it just wishful thinking.
    Very good forum with a lot of helpful people.
    All the best to everyone.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome index44!! :D :D

    I too have some ED problems (age 64), a significant part was a heart medication I was able to get the docs to switch late last year to a non ED-inducing one. This journey and the particular awakening of your prostate through aneros massage can and often does take time. It can also open you and your body's sensitivities to forms of energies within that are more complex than simply being orgasmic.

    So YES! that "strange feeling" near your prostate that "was not particularly sexual but not unpleasant" is indeed "the start of something". Just welcome/accept it, with feelings of gratitude if anything, without trying to control anything. Numbers of us experience a range of energetic responses and one can be dropped into that range or spectrum anywhere at anytime by your body/mind, outside of ego/executive control, and the more times the merrier it gets.

    I have done some earlier work with Taoist orgasmic development, sexual kung fu, that first introduced me to these feelings and possibilities. The Taoist description of the spectrum is:
    Jing (orgasmic, life essence, semen)>>>Qi/Chi (life-force)>>>Shen (spiritual, above and beyond, sacred sex) IMHO, what you felt was more in the Qi or Chi range of the life-force energies, which can seem "neutral" when we are expecting orgasms! :D

    I point this out not to generate distracting expectations, butt to assure you that non-orgamsic feelings are a positive part of the aneros joureny, as are other surprises along the way! NO EXPECTATIONS! Just deeply relax, open fully to any signals, listen quietly, allow your body/mind to take you where it will, feel the wonders however tiny, and the gratitude for everything. As you seem to be doing nicely. From your "private" (solo?) "anal play" experiences, would you say that you can already feel responses in your prostate; that your prostate could be described as awakening or awake??

    When you feel comfortable doing so, perhaps you'd like to share your sexual development story at the Male Sexual Orientation Here Poll in the Community Polls section of this fabulous Forum indeed.

    all the best open listening and allowing all possibilities all

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    Hey, index44. I think you're having very normal beginning experiences with this. I started over a year and a half ago with a Helix and though I eventually bought a few other models I used the Helix for months to get the basic rewiring started. Like you, for the first few months I felt either nothing or sometimes some pleasant feelings but eventually rewired to the point I could start sensing early orgasmic warm-like feelings growing in my pelvis during sessions. Eventually, and it took about 9 months for me (for some guys and hopefully in your case it's much shorter) I reached the point I could experience full blown orgasms lasting several minutes each.

    Everyone's experience varies somewhat I think, but I obtained my best results practicing with gentle PC muscle contractions (not anal clenching contractions but the mild pulling in contraction you use to cut off urine flow midstream) and tickling my nipples, of course doing all this very relaxed and attentive to any feelings inside. The first observable sensations doing this were fluttering wiggling anal sphincter feelings then involuntary rectal contractions where the masssager is gripped tightly and sucked in all without you doing it yourself. With continued sessions over time these became gradually accompanied by the orgasmic feelings.
  • Hi Artform, Thank you for your quick reply yes I do feel that perhaps my prostate is "awakening" I dont have any great expectations but it is nice to think that perhaps my journey has maybe started. I understand that there maybe a long road ahead but its comforting to know that maybe I have taken the first step.Many thanks for your reassurance and I will post my progress as it happens.
    Kind regards to you and everyone.