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  • Hi all just needed to share my recent experience and get some insight into the changes i feel happening to me .After chatting with another senior member on fri evening my invols were going nuts went to bed had an evening of invols and precum flowing freely . next day so aroused had session with helix fell asleep on back with pillow under small off back woke up about an hour later with a feeling of falling backwards and tingling all over wit amazing invols felt like head of penis could blow right off .The main event happened the next morning after work went to bed lay down on right hand side after sleeping couple of hours woke with invols penis hard as hell and the same strong feeling of abs going nuts invols that were out of control so fast i could not count my heart was racing and the same feeling of being about to ejaculate to death the pre cum was actually running crystal clear then i started producing what we now think was prostate fluid i was shaking both in shock and extreme euphoria at the fluid being produced without an aneros being in place feels it like i'm on the edge of something special happening but not going totaly over the edge yet but my levels of arousal are so high i have never felt like this i have only used helix/mgx since november and on average once a week ............. Whats hapening is this normal rewiring :confused:
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    congratulations, i think you just had your first super-o =) Sounds really amazing nevertheless, i wish i could experience something like that
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    At the very least these are some very evident signs of some major rewiring ! Clearly your body is awakening to this form of stimulation, and it has advanced to the level that you are experiencing very powerful P-waves without the use of any device. This is a wonderful development! I would agree with Cyrez that this sounds like a Super O except for your statement that you felt on the verge of something special...but didn't go over the edge. There are several possible explanations for this. There is an experience that I reported on many years ago, that many others have since confirmed where one is hovering at a level of extreme arousal, in a kind of pre-orgasmic plateau. This plateau is typified by many of the events that you described in your post. It may last for minutes at a time and it feels absolutely marvelous. The only things it lacks that the Super O delivers on is the full-on endorphin cascade and the spreading global sensations.

    The other possibility is that it was actually a Super O and you didn't recognize it as such. This is not uncommon. While we often say around here if you have to wasn't a Super O, this is not necessarily the case. Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of Super O's . From time to time I've seen posts like this: my penis was hard as a rock, I felt like I was ejaculating but nothing was coming out! I felt this tingling all over my body....and it went on for minutes! This was great but I can't wait until I have a Super O ! The truth is that the statement pretty well describes a type of Super O! So, where's the disconnect? Well, by definition the Super O is an experience that is out of the normal frame of reference, so sometimes users are expecting something else entirely.

    The forum plays a role with this as well. The most celebrated kind of Super O around here tends to be the one where there is a sudden extreme high intensity release. It's the earthshaking, hit-by-a-bus kind of thing that really rocks your world. The fact is that there is another expression of a Super O that occurs more subtly, with less fanfare. This orgasm has all the hallmarks of a Super O but with a lesser intensity initially than one is expecting. Ironically what ends up happening in these cases is that the magnitude and the duration increases to an extent that one finally comes to the realizations that they are having Super O's and that they been having them much earlier as well. This is simply another path to the same place that it is every bit as valuable as the more flashy one. It's all good!

    Although I'm not sure what is going on in your case, one thing is for certain....things will reveal themselves to you in time.

    Enjoy the ride

    BF Mayfield
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    [CENTER]Could David Bowie have been singing about Aneros awakenings?

    "Turn and face the strange!"

    What do you think?
    As 'B Mayfield' said "Enjoy the ride"

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    very nice rumel! Thanks, David's is a very apropos song!! "Face the changes. I can't change time."

    Reminds me of an Arab/Islamic traditional saying: "What will happen, will happen on time"! Sage philosophy that, and highly applicable to the aneros journey for almost everyone. Even as every journey is unique.

    foxhunter, Congratulations!! :D :D

    I agree with B Mayfield's excellent analysis of your great "change" experience. I just want to add by commending you on the rhythm of the timing of your sessions. IMHO, that timing gives your body and its neuroplasticity potential a chance to explore you, and test where your responses are at, and then move you the next step or steps!!!

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