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My first time with my Helix
  • KyleBKyleB
    Posts: 6
    I have been interested in Prostate massage and orgasms for some time now. A long time ago, I used a bullit style vibrator but never knew really what I was doing. Recently, I started doing research and started trying with fingers, without success. My research lead me to the Aneros site last night. I read all I could, and almost couldn't stand it last night as I sat at work. Today, I called and drove around for half of the day until I found the only retailer in my area that carries this product. I was in a bad neighborhood, so I ran in, grabbed the Helix, a huge bottle of lube, paid, and dashed out the door. I rushed home and checked to see that my wife would not be home the rest of the day, and stripped down, lubed up, and laid on my side as per the instructtions. At first, I though I could chat on an adult site as I tried it, but it quickly became obvious that I was going to have to devote my attention. I am very familiar with anal exploration, so the Helix was a little tight going in, but side in place and got comfortable very quickly. I thought I would have to relax for a while before this happened, but I adjusted quickly. I read the instructions and started on my contractions. Rather quickly, I noticed some precum oozing out, which was encouraging. After 5 or 10 minutes (estimated, I wasn't watching), I started to feel a new pleasure and started to contact to make the feeling better. It was pretty remarkable. The only problem was that I had a hard time keeping focused, and I kinda lost the feeling. I took a quick break with a drink of water, and started again. This time, after 5 minutes or so, I started to get hard and hand my hand under my dick catching a little precum to guage what was happening. I was so close to something happening, but I lost my concentration again, and lost the feeling again. I took a longer break, took a pee, walked to the kitchen for more water, (with the Helix in me :-), and got a peice of gum to keep cotten mouth from happening. I started trying again but couldn't get near as close as the first two times, so I stopped. Iwas kinda worn out.

    What a wild experience. I was kinda skeptical once I first inserted it, but after that second try, I know there is a peek to hit, I just missed it. I need to try again when my wife is out of town, it is night time, I can hopefully concentrate more, and longer. I will let you know how it goes from here. Overall, not a bad first time I would say.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 565
    It took me a month or so to get over the nervousness and newness of having something inserted back there and to get comfortable and relaxed enough during sessions to really sense how my body wanted to respond to an Aneros. Eventually I had the greatest success by relaxing with it in about 10 minutes then doing gentle PC muscle contractions (the contractions you use to cut off urine flow without necessarily tightening your anal sphincter) while lightly tickling my nipples. With time and practice (for me rewiring took a little over 6 months) I began experiencing full blown prostate orgasms that with continued practice have become wonderfully intense.

    At this point it sounds like you're just getting used to the new feelings of it all. Relax and enjoy them and with time and practice see where they can go. At over a year and a half into it now, I can say it's the greatest thing for expanding your sexual awareness and enjoyment of sex with your wife you can ever experience.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 301
    Kyle B,

    Isn't it cool to find new feelings and experiences? Keep at it, you are going to enjoy the journey. There is always something different around the bend. I've been at it for about about nine months and each session brings me wonderful experiences. And I agree with slimjim that sex with your wife will become amazing. Make sure to let her into the loop. My wife knows about what I do with my Helix and she encourages me in my journey. Have fun!!!

  • KyleBKyleB
    Posts: 6
    Update: 02-26-11. I cheated, which may have helped me. A couple days ago, I found that I had the entire afternoon to myself. All I could think about that morning was having a little quality time with the Helix. I rushed home and shwered up and got prepared. This would be my second event with the Helix. So, this time I used a device to inject some lube (used too much!)., and I lubed up the helix and inserted. I had hoped that I woul be able to doze off for a nap. I relaxed for 20 minutes, and napped for about a half hour. Nothing rmarkable during my nap. When I awoke, I was super horny. I worked on my contactions and wasn't having much success. Before I knew it, 2 hours had past with out much in the way of results. I went online and chatted on a particular site with a guy who had experiemented with prostate massage and an Aneros. I told him that I wasn't having much success. He suggested... vibration. I went and got a hand held massager and heled it againts the Helix until I hit what I thought was the right spot. It felt a little uncomfortable at first, (almost too much stimulation), but that soon gave way and I need I was on a good path. After a few minutes, I was hanging on the edge of an orgasm, but I couldn't hit it, but omg it felt good. I was hard and oozing out of my penis. I wraped my hand around it and give it a squeezing style massage and within a few long drawn out strokes, I had a wonderful prostate driven orgasm. It didn't feel like a penis centered orgasm, rather it came from deep within me at my prostate, I presume. It was awesome. So, my end thought are this, I kind of "cheated" and used vibration to get to where I wanted to be, BUT, I was able to get a feel of what I was working to achieve. Next week, I am going to work on it again, with a little better knowlegde of what I am trying to acheive..
  • Hello, Kyle.

    Congrats! You had a Super-T. That's one of the nice things you can do with the Aneros. Sex with your wife while the Helix is inside you will also be a revelation. There are a couple other things that you'll enjoy down the road: Dry-Os and Super-Os. However to get to those goodies, you're going to have to leave your penis alone from time to time. Check out the Wiki for techniques that will be useful. Bear in mind there are no rules about how to get where you want to go. Keep an open mind and, good luck.