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i have been using the euphro but i missed being pegged
  • my gf and i have been using the euphro well she has been using it on me it was incredable, but sometimes when it is in over an hour or over an hour it is just tiring. I was frustrated, well yesterday my bday and it wasn't hitting where i wanted it to hit, after a long session with the euphro. I did cum, but hours later i wanted my favorite toy a doc johnsons 8 inch strap on. wow like an old friend and the look on my gf's face when she was pegging me was so hot. I was on the edge of the bed at first and than i got on top. It was very hot and i came all her. I am not writting this post to knock the aneros but i was wondering if i can have some feedback? Does anybody feel the sameway?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Jerdan, :)

    The thing you have to understand, is that most Aneros users here are looking to achieve multiple dry prostate orgams of the mini-O, dry-O, or preferably super-O variety through their Aneros practice. (See the Aneros WIKI for definitions: Glossary - Aneros Wiki ) Once you have an ejaculatory orgasm no matter how it is brought on, the refractory period sets in and you longer experience arousal and pleasure. Where as with dry prostate orgasms, this is not an issue. You can keep going and going.

    The Aneros prostate massager's were never meant to be operated manually by hand. And you risk the possibility of hurting your self using them that way. In addition, sometimes this journey takes a long time for a man to achieve super-O's (I've been at it for over 4 years with no super-O yet!), and I doubt you will find the way manually operating your Eupho by hand. The other thing is that the Eupho is generally considered an advanced users model. Likely not a model that is great for a beginner to start with, so that may also be delay your re-wiring some.

    My understanding is that once you cross over into achieving super-O's via the Aneros toys. You should be able to also do the same from being pegged.

  • thanks for the reply i have got to tell you i have achieved a super o the first time i have had super o's being pegged too but we are a couple i dont really like playing alone, i mean we are two people in a relationship. I want to be honest, I mean i had little waves and it builds and builds and my whole bodys shakes uncontrolably with the aneros but it takes alot longer and she helps from your discription, she might being doing more harm than good. i thought maybe getting, the more advanced model would work being i feel i am expirienced.
    thanks for the feedback anybody else got a few cents to throw in
  • jerdan45;

    Right. I'd say about half of my active Aneros Eupho use is with my wife, and she does move it around a bit. I haven't experienced any problems from that. The other half of my Aneros use is due to my sleeping with it inside me and what it does when I first lay down and when it wakes me up in the morning. My wife isn't interested in sex twice a day, so... For me, the device works both ways: solo and partnered. I imagine this is a very common experience in Aneros World, but maybe not so much among members of this forum.


  • i was wondering as in my situation maybe u can relate before i discovered aneros i was getting pegged from my wife and i have to say it was hot but it is all different with aneros i did achieve some super o's with a strapon hard to compare but the whole thing when my gf gets into it may jealous of the aneros it was pretty hot watching her peg me, with my legs up in the air. Than i rode her and i shot all over her chest, time wise not the same as aneros takes alot more time to build up with aneros. I guess one of the main reasons is also health wise too.
  • jerdan45;

    I've never been pegged, my wife has never expressed an interest and unless she decides she wants to, I'm not hot for it. The Aneros provides plenty of stimulation so I don't feel the need for more. Do you think pegging is an easier way to have multi-orgasmic experiences?


  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Interesting discussion jerdan45, Love_is and ten_s_nut!!!

    This discussion in a good complementary parallel to Aksel's thread:

    In my post there I focus on the impact of the choice of complementary disciplines/practices as we begin and go through the early days/months/years to explore as far as we want with the possibilities offered by Aneros as a discipline, and that is what effective aneros use is. It is not an instant better or Super orgasm that just jumps out of the box. That is a distraction EXPECTATION, and an aneros success blocker.

    jerdan45, I sympathize in that you obviously have a great orgasmic time pegging. Butt, dildoes and aneros are too very different practices, and mixing them can confuse the rewiring process essential to real aneros success. I strongly recommend that you try keeping dildo pegging as a separate practice, with at least a couple of days separating it from your aneros session days.

    Mrs. a, my wife, gave me my first Active Body Super-O when she was riding my erection cowgirl style facing me and reached back with her hand, found my already open anus and slipped her finger in making great gentle prostate contact!!! Later, I got rewired to similar Active body Super-Os with my Eupho, butt her finger always gives me the most delight. They are two separate practices and circuits for me now, and now I can reliably mix them and their circuits each maintain their own integrity. This takes some dedicated disciplined practice, that's all.

    See Tao of Aneros Theorm 16.):

    all this is this, and that is that, and only mix that which is going to be fully compatible orgasmic ecology and a constant companion practice all

  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    i am up for a spot of pegging my reason being that the aneros for me is a solo thing as i find it hard to get an erection when using them pegging for me would be a way to experience anal play while being intimate with my wife and erection would not be an issue we have a strap on dildo but have not had a chance to use it but when we do i will be sure to post my thoughts