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Just got back from my first multi-orgasmic trip
  • ScottDScottD
    Posts: 25
    What an amazing experience. It wasn't what I expected, but then, that seems to be how it works. It's easy enough to say not to have expectations, but I think that that is nearly impossible to do, if you've gone as far as buying the product.

    The thing is, I've been there for probably the last few weeks. What happened wasn't physically any different than before, but it was much better. There was one major difference between this session and previous sessions: my level of relaxation. I always start out by relaxing as much as possible, but I was noticing that, as the session went on, either I wasn't really relaxed, or I was reacquiring tension without realizing it. So this time, I tried something totally different. Once the involuntaries got going, I tried going to sleep. Now, I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to actually go to sleep with the aneros doing its thing, The point was to relax further than I had in previous sessions. It actually worked, and I found myself sinking into a deeper level of relaxation than before. I was probably over an hour in when this happened.

    What was very interesting at this point was that I felt like my perception of sensation were suddenly sharpened. I became aware of this pool of pleasurable sexual energy throughout my torso and abdomen. and the movements of the aneros were slowly building up this energy.I began using nipple stim and the sensations were easily twice as intense as previous sessions. I felt a was of pleasure creeping up my back which grew suddenly in intensity and washed up through me. It went on for some time and then faded away, and I was pretty sure that I'd had my first Super O.Though less intense, it was much more diffuse, more whole-body than a penile orgasm, and lasted several times as long. It was much like what I have felt before when edging, except that those feelings go away after just a few seconds.

    I lay there, letting things continue to run and see what would happen next. It took a few minutes before the next one hit. This one was different than the first, more centered in my groin and abdomen, a bit more intense than the first and longer. A few minutes later, another one, another, another. Pretty soon they were coming in with probably less than a minute between, and each one better than the last. I didn't bother to keep count, but I would guess I had somewhere between 10 and 15 of these.I had to end it there because the p-tab had begun to get uncomfortable. The whole session had taken about 2-and-a-half hours and I was having Super Os for the last half of it.

    I mentioned before that a lot had not changed since previous sessions other than relaxation. The thing is, the progression was the same as I've been having for weeks. There was a buildup, a long, slow peak, a wind down, then back to buildup, with a shorter pause each time between. How I interpreted those feelings before was that my body was making a run at a super O and falling short, but that was totally wrong. It's like my frame of reference was off. Once I was in that deeper relaxation, those sensations were suddenly much more intense and immediate. What was mildly pleasurable before was suddenly extremely so.

    I want to send out a huge thanks to everyone who has contributed their time and effort to helping newbies like myself, and I hope that my observations about the process can likewise help someone else to reach the same point.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi ScottD,

    Congratulations on your progress. It is amazing how it can be so different between us in relation to how the correct method reveals itself to us. You have obviously unlocked it within yourself and you will no doubt be able to expand on what you have experienced. Don't be surprised if you suffer some setbacks along the way. It seems to happen that way but you know the potential now and the sky's the limit.

    Have fun.
  • ScottDScottD
    Posts: 25
    I only have a minute, so I'll unfortunately have to be brief. Since the above post, about six weeks ago, I've been having about 2-3 sessions a week, and the results have been inconsistent. Nice, to be sure, but I hadn't quite gotten back up to the heights I described above. That is, until last night. Normally I use very light to moderate nipple stimulation through most of a session. At one point in the session, when I was feeling a particularly strong buildup of sexual energy, I stopped all nipple stim, just to see what would happen.At the same time, I relaxed my arms and hands, something I can't do completely otherwise. This put me in a state where I was completely and totally relaxed, head to toe, except for the involuntary contractions of the aneros. Nothing much happened for about a minute, when suddenly I began to feel the energy rapidly intensifying.

    This climb continued until I had this ball of energy tingling across my whole lower torso and legs and flowing up into the head of my penis, like the pulse of an orgasm in slow motion. It was intense to the extreme, like being held right at the strongest point of orgasm. I sneaked a glance at my bedside clock and let the thing ride out, just laying there perfectly still while I rode it out, gasping and moaning involuntarily. When it was over, another look at the clock told me that five minutes had passed. A five minute orgasm. I'm still shocked and amazed when I think about it.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,837
    Congratulatons ScottD !!
    You accomplished in two months what sometimes spans many months for others (13mos. for me) to do. Being able to just let go and relax might have spelled the difference. Probably a cool sense of observation and letting some great instincts do their trick helped.

  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    Good for you ScottD
    I am in a similar position as you... after a few year grind to breakthough with an orgasm or two was a major accomplishment for me. The sessions that followed, while very good, were not as good as that first orgasm. I have had a few sessions since then that brought very pleasurable intense feelings, but didn't not go as far as orgasm.
    I to have trouble totally relaxing. I think I am but then I realize I am holding tension someplace in my body, usually my pc muscle. I tend to work my nips pretty much non-stop throughout a session but think I will give your thought of no movement at all a try. I think the relaxation and mind control are huge parts of the journey. Unfortunately for me, I'm not very good at either one of these.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Scott D,

    A belated congratulations! (I missed your initial post). Had I not done so I would have mentioned that sleeping with the Aneros is a well documented path to the Super-O. If you search for it you'll find many posts on the topic. As you have discovered, those suggestions...
    relax and have no expectations , that appear so frequently in the forum are not glib comments tossed off by jaded users. They are true words of wisdom that describe essential elements of ones journey. The rub is (as you discovered), it not an easy thing to achieve. It is very difficult for many us, in a waking or sleeping state to find a quiet place with our minds. But once you are in this place, and you are able to...get out of the way, so to speak, your body will often find it's own way. As you may know, this kind of orgasmic experience was once the province of Tantric and Taoist masters, individuals who had a great deal of control in these areas.

    Know that the physical experience and your understanding of it will be an evolving that gets better with time. Enjoy!


    BF Mayfield
  • So to all you fellas that have had a Super O, do you start out with contractions (after relaxing a bit) to bring on some sort of involuntaries on, then really really relax and just let go? Or do you just let go from the start and let it all happen on its own?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, Craig.

    Sorry to say, there's no magic bullet, no precise formula, no recipe. After reading the Wiki (link at top of page) and trying all sorts of things, chances are you'll find a method that works for you.

    That said, here's one data point: I've been into Aneros for almost 5 months. The first month, I always had to "kick start" the action with voluntary contractions and relax like a wet noodle for anything to happen. These days, the Aneros takes off on its own, many times before I can even get into bed. Then, relaxing makes it go even better.

    Take your time, lube, practice a lot, experiment. At some point, and I hope it's sooner rather than later, Aneros will knock your socks off.


  • ScottDScottD
    Posts: 25

    At this point in my journey, it's like the involuntaries are on a switch that I can turn on and off with minimal conscious effort. Like driving a car, the motions are practiced and ingrained in the muscle memory. Now, what worked for me may not work for you, but it seems like I had to train myself to find the right level of consciously-held contraction. Too loose and nothing happens, too tense and the involuntaries get smothered. Now, my body automatically tends toward the right level of contraction on its own when the aneros is in, but I can stop the involuntaries whenever I want to by choosing to shut down this contraction.

    One thing that didn't work for me was conscious rhythmic contractions. I tried that, thinking that I could train my body to make those movements on its own, but it went nowhere. When I tried holding a light contraction, varying the intensity by tiny degrees (previous sessions had helped to train my PC and sphincter muscles for this, I'm sure) I suddenly found a (low) level of intensity that caused a pulsing in those muscles, and knew that I had made a huge leap in my progress.

    Involuntaries was my first big step towards Super Os, but other factors were equally important. You'll see a lot of people here talking about nipple stimulation. I didn't buy into it at all. Six months ago, my nipples were about as sensitive as my heels. The only difference in sensation between them and any other part of my torso was that pain there could be more intense. That changed a few months ago in a huge way. First, I had to drop my own biases. Rubbing my own nipples? I thought, Really? But I tried it anyway, in the name of science. For a while, I felt nothing, but I kept at it stubbornly. What else was I going to do with my hands? I was getting all kinds of nice pleasure waves with the aneros by then, and that's when I noticed that the source of a lot of the nice feeling I was getting seemed to correspond with what my hands were doing. I discovered that nipple stimulation acted almost like a throttle, letting me pour sexual energy into the mix or just add a trickle. In fact, I discovered that too much nipple stimulation seemed to be holding me back and switching to a softer, slower touch allowed for stronger and more regular involuntaries.

    As an aside, I've experimented with nipple stim without the aneros and it feels like tiny sparks of electricity zapping either my prostate or running out to the tip of my penis, depending on which I'm focused on at the moment. My wife was delighted when I told her about my new ability, and she can get me almost instantly hard whenever she wants to. Nipple stim during intercourse feels amazingly good, adding to and amplifying everything. I almost think that I could bring myself to orgasm by nipple stimulation alone, but it seems like I reach a point where the orgasmic energy gets drained away by involuntary muscle contractions around my pelvic area faster than I can add to it. Definitely something to keep working at.

    Relaxation is, I'm sure you've noticed, another big part of it. Never stop asking yourself if you can possibly get more relaxed. I'll be in the middle of a session and realize that I've got a calf muscle or abdominal tightened up. Relaxing those muscles yields almost immediate results, like removing blockages to the buildup of sexual energy. Thinking back, it seems like most of the dud sessions I've had since I started making significant progress can be put down to stress or anxiety from work and family. A little stress is to be expected, but a lot of stress may impair your ability to fully relax.
  • ScottDScottD
    Posts: 25
    One thing that I forgot to mention that is just too cool to leave out is a variation on a technique that has been mentioned here a few times, where you contract on inhale and relax on exhale, or vice versa. Just recently, I have started tuning the strength and duration of involuntaries in time with my breathing. It took a lot of conscious effort at first, but after only a few sessions, it seems to happen automatically now. What happens is that I am able to influence the involuntaries so that when I inhale, I get shorter, less forceful contractions and movement of the aneros, and when I breath out, I get longer, harder contractions. This constant variation in intensity, moderated by my breathing, seems to bring me to orgasm levels much faster. Where before it would take between an hour and two hours, now I can get there in under a half hour, and once did it in about fifteen minutes.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889

    Excellent pointers about breath control. If you do a little reading on Yoga-style breathing exercises, you'll find a treasure trove of useful techniques. Try some during partnered sex, too.

    You mentioned getting to orgasm levels faster. If time is a concern, you might want to consider the Aneros VICE (no, I don't get a commission). I found that the vibe can be used as an accelerator to get ramped up. Then, turn it off and proceed as usual. Zero to orgasm level in 5 minutes is easy.