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How do we know the super-O
  • I've been "Anreosing" for about 18 months now and have read many of the posts on this subject of "What is the super-O". I have always believed that I was close but never there. Going round and round and never "falling in" or going over the edge. I am beginning to have a different feel about this now and I think I have been there many times and not known it.
    Reading other peoples experiences led me to believe that something incredible was going to happen and that things would never be the same again. FALSE EXPECTATIONS have been the trouble here. There must be MORE. Well there isn't. I am there. I have been there many times and not realised it....and it is incredible!
    That wonderful moment just before a penis orgasm, before the penis begins to pump out the semen; that intense moment is the orgasm which continues throughout the process and ceases when the contractions have died away. The whole process is over and finished and I must wait until tomorrow or, if I am young enough, an hour later. The process is unstoppable. once the muiscles begin to spasm, that's it. Over and done with.
    Now forget the penis business and think of the orgasm itself only. I am very aware of the similarity between the penis orgasm sensation (before the pumping) and the sensation produced with the aneros contractions. THEY ARE THE SAME...but without the penis pumping. I am aware of the exquisite pleasure of the pre-ejaculation orgasm which doesn't last long and the Aneros orgasm which goes on for minutes and is repeatable, sometimes over and over again.(Though in my case, only about three times...and that's enough!). I can rest a short while, begin the contractions and plunge off into the orgasmic sensations again.
    Reading too much into the posts of over-joyed enthusiastic thread writers has been my problem and I have been looking for something that I imagine is greater but is already there. The super O. Once I got that straight, I really began to LOVE the anreos and ALL it's attendant pleasures.
    Does this concur with anyone else's experiences?
    Just one last thing; and this is about erections. Many people don't have erections with aneros orgasms. Some do and I do. Within a few minutes of the P-waves starting, I get this incredible sensation of the penis filling and stiffening until it is good and hard. It will stay that way until I relax and start again. It is one of the ingredients which I really look forward to and find it exquisite to say the least. I wish you all the best and happiest times ahead. Tomasheen
  • Tomasheen, I have thought the same thing myself. I was always looking for this explosion of sorts. By reading all the other posts, this is what I assumed I was looking for. Wrong! I think I have already been there as well. I never knew I was there though. It didn't come with that "explosion" at the end. So I figured maybe I was at the edge but never fell over. The feelings are outrageous and just as you described. Thinking now that I in fact did have SUPER-O's, I've been able to have them more frequently. The pressure is off so to speak. Now I can just enjoy. They are the most pleasurable feelings I have ever felt. Hands down. I think there are many users that should reavaluate there sessions as we have. They just may have been there and not known it. This somewhat contradicts what others have posted also along the way. I've always read "there will be absolutely know doubt when you have a SUPER-O". This is wrong information in my opinion. With penile orgasm, you ejaculate, and you know your done. With prostate orgasm, there is no clear indication like that. You just get to this peek wave, and slowly slide down. It is fabulous no doubt. But not so cut and dry. It's just like riding that wave right before you have penile ejaculation. But instead of being 10 seconds long, this lasts minutes and minutes. What could be better than that. I'm hooked. Thats all I know. Whether I'm correct in what I've said or not. It still feels awesome and I ain't stoppin any time soon. LOL.
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    What you describe regarding the feelings is exactly my experience. My dry orgasms started feeling good and have progressively gotten better and better. For me, it has been a continuum as opposed to some grandiose "super-o" that came out of nowhere. I'm not saying that others haven't experienced this. But, I suspect your experience is not uncommon. I also expect that the responses to this thread will support my opinion.
    Now that you've let go of your expectations, you can enjoy the experience and build on what you have already experienced.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Tomasheen, craig030713 and dtmsmith!!! :D :D :D :D

    Thanks for this very clear thread and the points you are making. Expectations and goals are experience killers or at least serious delayers on the Aneros journey. Feeling the connections and similarities as you are making the many and varied transitions possible here, is key to real understanding and having the freedom to celebrate your actual new found sensations and orgasmic ecstatics. Thanks again.

    ass always deeply relaxed, receptively open, allowing whatever your body/mind whispers or shouts, find your unique ecstatic truth all

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I am happy to see this aspect of one's Aneros journey come to the forefront again. Nearly three years ago 'Buster' posted a similar thread called What exactly is a Super-O? Your statement -[QUOTE=Tomasheen;95264] Going round and round and never "falling in" or going over the edge. is an almost exact duplicate of 'Buster's statement [QUOTE=Buster;69249]I felt as though I was in a state where I was "circling the drain" but could not get totally there.

    I think a big problem here is the interpretation of the word "Super-O". I get the impression far too many men are projecting their expectations and creating a fantasy experiential model in their minds which may never manifest. Newbies need to avoid projecting more intensity into this experience than may actually occur. Please read 'B Mayfield's response in Non-Ejaculatory response vs. Super-O where he said [QUOTE=B Mayfield;60857]For whatever it's worth, I am the person who established the use of the term Super O or Super Orgasm here in the forum. Over the years, I've seen several users refer to different experiences using this term. For a long time now I've strived to avoid making comments that could disturb the flow of any users journey, preferring to try to gently steer people when necessary. Rather than telling somebody that they have the concept all wrong, I've tried to introduce alternative ideas. In retrospect, perhaps the confusion over this needed more of a definitive correction.
    In any event, the Super Orgasm (Super O) was a name that I gave for an orgasm that stepped out of my normal frame of reference. The Super O is a non ejaculatory orgasm that may involve the entire lower abdominal and pelvic regions and may even extend more globally, into a whole body experience. Since this is a non ejaculatory event, there is no resolution phase the part of the male sexual response that begins the refractory period...our time-out during which arousal is not possible. What this means is that multiple orgasms are possible since one never falls from a certain level of arousal (effectively staying in the plateau phase between orgasms). The duration of the Super O may be several seconds to minutes longer than a traditional orgasm (particularly when multiples are involved).
    Know this though,...Super O's come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, some are single, some are multiple, some are centered in one area while others are in another. Some are particularly intense, while others are more subdued. Generally the experience is one of a surging pleasure wave that leaves one in a blissful yet energized state ...look Ma' no refractory period !
    The key point, for me at least, was ...the Super Orgasm (Super O) was a name that I gave for an orgasm that stepped out of my normal frame of reference. My normal frame of reference was either manual masturbation to ejaculatory orgasm or sexual intercourse to the point of ejaculatory orgasm with the many minutes of pleasurable stimulation leading to a scant few seconds of orgasmic (ejaculatory) bliss. A Super-O is not necessarily multiple times more intense than a traditional ejaculatory orgasm (though on occasion it may seem so). it is not an ejaculatory orgasm at all (by definition), but it is an orgasmic experience which engages your body and mind that is distinctly different than the traditional ejaculatory orgasmic paradigms. It is in the ways that the experience is different that make it a Super-O.

    'Tomasheen' pointedly said "FALSE EXPECTATIONS have been the trouble here." This is indeed the case for many men struggling to experience an imaginary situation. Guys, it is important to avoid creating a mythic experience in your mind for what your Super-O will be like. It will NOT be like the last testimonial you read or the posts in My First Super Orgasm..., you may have similar feelings and sensations but the experience will be uniquely your own. This is not to discount the veracity of those other posters but to emphasize the uniqueness of your personal journey. Entering your Anerosessions with any expectations (especially false expectations) is likely to create impediments to reaching a Super-O.

    Does this concur with anyone else's experiences? ABSOLUTELY! as 'craig030713', 'dtmsmith' & 'artform' have already attested.

    If you are experiencing one of those "What the f***?" events during an Anerosession, you may be in the embrace of a Super-O!
  • neubieneubie
    Posts: 17
    A different perspective…

    Admittedly, I also fell into the Super-O goal trap. Nonetheless, I’m thankful that I was familiar with the term Super-O before starting my journey. Not because it became a goal but because it prepared me for those “What the F***?” events.

    Without going into great detail, there were two events in particular that would have made me shit the bed had I not been familiar with the term Super-O. One was my first p-wave, which occurred during my second Aneros session. The second was my first experience with full body shakes. I’m talking Tasmanian Devil intensity… I’m not suggesting that either of these events were Super-Os, I’m only suggesting that knowledge of the Super-O prepared for these events and allowed me to ride them out.

    The violent shaking sessions lasted about a month. As my journey progressed to the next phase, my sessions became more sensuous and enjoyable. It was during the evolution of this phase that I began to have the exact same why am I “Going round and round and never "falling in" or going over the edge” experience discussed by Tomasheen et al. I came to the conclusion that rewiring what took 49 years to wire was not going to be easy. I found myself constantly distracted by the search for “that damn release.”

    Currently, my sessions are a mixed bag. At a minimum, I simply enjoy the feeling of the Aneros against my prostate, a milestone four months in the making. But more often than not, my sessions include at least one or more of the following sensations; p-waves, involuntaies, dry-Os, and now, a more pleasurable variety of shakes, twitches and jerks. Based on what I have read recently about the subject, I would say that I have experienced many variations, flavors or colors of the Super-O. Even though all of my experiences were enjoyable, none of them required that someone peel me off the ceiling. That “peel me off the ceiling” day will come when I experience the Hyper-O, a condition where all of the Aneros producing sensations occur simultaneously.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Indeed rumel!! :D :D

    Great observations and personal history neubie!! :D :D

    "peel me off the ceiling" or IMHO even better, "launch me out through the ceiling" are great once you get there, butt I wouldn't wait around for anything specific! What will come to you will be what comes to you, and if you are open to its full potential, however fragile or small or brief or vast or infinite or forever or..., you will peel and launch completely each time