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Review; comparing Helix to Eupho
  • Hello, all.

    Now that it's been about 4 months since I got my first Aneros, the Helix model, and 3 months since I got the Eupho, I think it would be helpful to non-users reading this board who are considering getting an Aneros to post my brief take on the ones I have. FYI, I am 62, athletic, about 6 ft tall and 170 lbs. My wife is many years younger than me.

    The size, angle and shape of the Helix helped get me to overwhelming Super-Os in 2 weeks of daily use. In fact, I had to learn strategies that limit the extent of those Os to something within my comfort range. The "bad" news is, when I use the Helix during sex with my wife, it shortens my endurance due to the added stimulation. The other aspect of the Helix is that if it is used overnight while sleeping, my sleep is interrupted every 2 hours by the Helix. That's fine on a weekend, but a problem during the work week. Since I tend to use the Helix for short sessions of less than an hour, the only lube I need for it is olive oil. (I reacted badly to glycerin-based lubes.)

    I bought the Eupho on the hypothesis that it would be less intense than the Helix. As it turns out, the Eupho can be equally intense as the Helix, but only when I pay attention to it. That means I can insert it and forget it when I go to bed at night and it won't wake me up with Dry-Os until about 5 AM, if at all. During the night, if my wife wants sex, the Eupho gets up with me and adds wonderfully to the action without reducing my endurance. For overnight, I use a silicone lube. It's still there in the morning so I doubt my body is absorbing any of it.

    To sum up, I enjoy both models even though they are very different.