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Threshold of super arousal
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    I've been doing my absolute best to resist ejaculating. I still have as much sex and self-pleasuring as always. I'm beginning to see very clearly when I enter a state beyound arousal: Super Arousal.

    I just started keeping track of this so it's difficult to give exact details. Lets just say this is over a month period:

    First (recorded) time this happened: I experienced lots of P-waves. P-waves then started to die down and was replaced by constant pleasure throughout my pelvis during the night. Constant pleasure went away and what remained was a torturing need to be stimulated. Couldn't resist it.

    Second time: I couldn't resist it, and stimulated myself to ejaculation on day one of super arousal. Little to no p-waves.

    Third time: I lasted until day two of super arousal, but ultimately couldn't resist. P-waves were virtually gone by now.

    Next time this happens I'll be ready with solid techniques and new-found knowledge to resist ejaculation.

    I've asked myself why I'm no longer feeling P-waves and realized it's because I stopped aneros use. Now I know what the aneros is doing for me. This is a great discovery for me!

    #1: Ejaculating destroys super arousal.
    #2: Resisting the urge to stimulate to ejaculation is easier when feeling constant pleasure or P-waves
    #3: Not using the aneros means no P-waves or pleasure without stimulation.
    #4: The state of super arousal is very satisfying to my wife and myself.

    Point of all this? Not sure... just thought I'd share my self-discovery.
  • Dude so call fella glad you and your wife are having fun with this :) I would be so lucky to find a gf that is super cool with this tuff im only 22 so I have years of joint fun ahead :) I know what your on about I have been in this state once and its so great read my blog I mention the weird incident on the last paragraph, love my aneros its like us guys have secret powers over people is fun, how long ago did u come across it
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    #3: Not using the aneros means no P-waves or pleasure without stimulation.


    Some interesting observations. With respect to the above, if you stay with this there will likely come a day when you are able to experience P-waves and yes even Super O's without the Aneros. The Aneros is not only an erotic amplifier it can be a training device (some years ago I called it a Tantric Training Wheel) in that it ultimately opens you up to whole different arousal pathway. As your comments make clear, things reveal themselves to you over time. Keep in mind that this is an evolving process.

    Enjoy the ride!

    BF Mayfield
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    [QUOTE=B Mayfield;95137]Some interesting observations. With respect to the above, if you stay with this there will likely come a day when you are able to experience P-waves and yes even Super O's without the Aneros. Oh yes, I'm very aware! :) I'm speaking in terms of my personal and current situation.

    Rocketman10, read through your blog. Yes, your last paragraph demonstrates what I think is super arousal. I'll attempt to define it:

    -Constant erections due extreme sexual sensitivity
    -Difficulty urinating due to pleasure+erections with light handling of your penis (this is very fun, actually!)
    -Nipples are very sexually sensitive and cause intense erections
    -Penile stimulation is way more sensitive than normal
    -Extreme desire to stimulate to ejaculation (dangerous! gotta learn to control oneself)
    -Further down super-arousal lane, erections become a source of pleasure themselves.

    Well, this is what defines it for me. It's penis/erection-centered. I'm sure for more experienced aneros users, it's more prostate-centered. I'll have to share my resistive techniques next time I post. Some of you might get a kick out of it. It's all about pleasure! I'll also explain why it's ssuch a benifit for my wife.
  • yeah its super cool :) only has happend to me once i think the energy built up over a few days for me like i said it jus built up and up until i had to quickly get of my laptop and i chucked all my clothes off ect n hoped on the bed lol :) hope it continues to happen time and time again yeah it weird how much pleasure I reached from my dick and the rest of my body, however i did ejaculate on that ocasion then again it was the first time it happend in the future I will enjoy the plasure and try and stop to let it build again over and over till I get another go
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    The best way I've found to resist ejaculating is to focus on what arouses you. Here are some ideas:

    -Suck on your wife's breasts
    -Stimulate your nipples.
    -Have your wife play with and give you an extensive genital massage
    -Have sex with little to no "thrusting"
    -Please your wife
    -Find the joy in simply getting hard

    Genital Massage - Creativity is Key!
    When I have a strong desire to touch myself to ejaculation, the only thing that will calm me is a genital massage. Have your wife massage and play with you. I use KY-Oil. Anything that is slippery and lasts long is good. Here are some "moves" my wife does:

    -Hold back skin with one hand, stimulate entire shaft and head with the other with an O grip. Almost like a "male squirt-inducing" technique.
    -If you're like me and can't squirt, it's just pure torture. But I allow my wife to add some torture (it's fun for her) by stimulating the head.
    -Bend the penis left, right, up, down, stretch the ligaments
    -Pull the penis back and let it go like a slingshot
    -THE TWIST: With skin held back (or not) twist one hand (or both) over the head (and over shaft)
    -Pull skin up and down (general masturbative technique)
    -Play with scrotum
    -Push in/massage perinium (if you're brave, add penile stim at the same time) My wife says it helps get the pre-cum out
    -TIP: Squeeze the bottom of the shaft of penis while stimulating the head to engorge it with more blood.
    -With skin held back and with a hi-five hand, stimulate frenulum and opening of penis
    -Squeeze penis with hand and move it up to create blood pressure at the head (this may squeeze out pre-cum), have your wife tap a finger to the opening to see if there's any coming out.
    -General massage of shaft and surrounding scrotum areas.
    -...I think I got all of them!

    Just be creative, tell your wife what you want more/less of. Come up with a way to let your wife know you're about to ejac so she can stop penile stimulation for the moment. My wife usually sits between my legs while I lay on my back. Just relax, close your eyes, enjoy.

    The longer the massage, the better! Has been rare, but during a long massage I start to feel some kind of pelvic P-waves if my wife is doing a really good massage. In the future this might become the norm!

    Super arousal is such a benefit to my wife and I. When I am in this mode, my wife becomes much more sexual as well. She sees how sensitive I am and enjoys "playing" with me more. I feel like my wife's sex toy. Sometimes she just wants to make me hard just so she can have something to grab. Erections last a lot longer too. She gets wet as she gives me a genital massage. During super arousal was the first time I gave her a screaming orgasm.
  • Kor...really nice instructions. Kudos dude.