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a whole other *edge*
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    I'm a grinder, been trying to get a dry-o for almost 15 months now but no success, and today i temporarilly ignored the 'penis NOT' theorem (I usally never ever use the aneros while wanking off) and started edging with the helix inside and something really weird happened.
    After a while the helix started working like a on/off switch, i contracted my pc and it was on while wanking off, i got orgasmic feelings (normally at this point the orgasmic feelings would accelerate beyond control and result in a ejac but not this time), and then when i relaxed and release the pc, the orgasmic went away (was still wanking though, and this is another no no in edging, contiue wanking after getting orgasmic feelings usally end up in a ejac, but not this time =)

    So i contiuned wanking for like 30 minutes, switching it on and off, so i wouldnt go too far, really insane with lots and lots of orgasmic feelings, and i didn't ejac and now half an hour later im still having a itch to continue my journey...very weird day indeed. Anyone else experienced this phenomena? Continious wanking with aneros working as a orgasm on/off switch....yay, finally i got somewhere =)

    eploration ftw
  • sounds very interesting :) im trying to stoping ejaculating before session for a few days atm, I think you should try this tho im still experimenting with it and it gets really intense it sort of works like an on and off switch as well. read the last paragraph of my blog Aneros :) I attempt to trigger it last night jus feeling myself up then I started to masterbate and stroke my nipples at the same time increase the nipple strokes with masterbating seams to put the pleasure recieved into overdrive i think the sexual energy being produced from my dick is being transfered to my nipples coz then i slide my hands from my nipples down my body slowly and lightly I keep edging till almost orgams then go back to feeling nips and balls ect keeping this appears to send the rest of my body into a frenzy :) give it a go I did this last night without the aneros in