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"Furballs" and other emotional issues with aneros use?
  • Hi All

    Let me just start out by saying I have never used to aneros much at all, (maybe 20 times total). I have however done a good deal of KSMO and nipple stim and soft palate nursing and such and I am able to create orgasmic pleasure with these methods but no true dry orgasms let alone super orgasms. Anyways although I have done these things on and off for a few years I still can not acheive orgasms and Im pretty sure its because I have some emotional blockages related to my sexuality. By this I mean I used to practice semen retention and a lot of chi gung related stuff and for a few years in my late teens tried to stop all sexual thoughts etc. This led to guilt when I did think about sex (and being a very horny young man you can imagine what this eventually did)

    . When I stimulate my nipples I get pleasure near my prostate but also a nauseating feeling in my stomach (I think due to a blockage). When I do soft palate nursing I get orgasmic feelings near my prostate and no nauseating feelings

    My main question is in your experience has the aneros caused hidden strong emotions related to sexual repression or other sexual issues to arise in any of you?