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Work question........
  • wisdomwisdom
    Posts: 38
    I forgot to ask this yesterday, but what is the most comfortable Aneros to use at work??

    I work in an office and things get boring sometimes, plus I have alot of freedom at my job. I find myself reading on this site alot along with other sites about various topics.

    Does anyone else use an Aneros while at work?

    I wasn't sure if this thread was made once before. Sorry in advance if it was.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, wisdom.

    I started a thread a few weeks ago questioning whether Aneros was safe for the workplace. Assuming you modify the tail so it lacks the curly part and can sit comfortably, it works well in an office chair; too well for me. I got so distracted I couldn't focus my eyes on my PC screen and had to take the Aneros Helix out. If a big p-wave were to hit you during a meeting at work, it could be embarrassing or worse. One of your co-workers might think you were having a stroke or heart attack.


  • wisdomwisdom
    Posts: 38
    Well I wouldn't use it during a meeting. Just for days like this when i'm just sitting here at my desk staring at the screen trying to look busy.