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What Goes in Easiest the Aneros or a Penis?
  • If you had an Aneros and a penis of much the same size which one would go into the anus the easiest?

    Long before I started using the aneros (about 3 years back) I occasionally used the fantasy of same gender sex during masturbation. I'm in my late 50s and been married for well over 30 years and never had a same sex experience. Like most men in my age group I was brought up in a homophobic society and thought the whole thing disgusting and abnormal.

    But what is abnormal? I'm not sure any more and it's now possible that given the chance I might just try same gender sex to see what I've been missing. However, I'm quite tight and so the answer to the question I posed at the beginning of the thread has me some what concerned.

    Answers appreciated please.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Aneros downunder!! :D :D

    Times change and there are few things with more variability than a man's penis, don't we all know it! Generally speaking, the penis is softer flesh, even when erect, than the rigid (except Vice!!) aneros models. What is your largest aneros? Helix? Max? Progasm? Model for model, a penis of about the same size should enter you more easily, right? The real answer to your question is another. Who is attached to the penis entering you??

    Some guys whose geometry is advantageous can enter their anus with their own penis in a semi-erect state, and firm up without breaking anything, and even ejaculate into themselves. Otherwise, the question of ease of entry is entirely up to the man attached to the penis and your relationship with him, friend or stranger, and how he respects your reactions and requests before and during the event. What are his goals in the interaction?

    I'm now almost 64, butt in my mid to late teens I did explore penile/anal with a good friend who was also curious. I had been massaging my prostate solo for about 4 years before this began, and had also used model rockets about average erect penis size in the prostate massage practice, so my anus was used to the size, as you seem to indicate your aneros practice has familiarized you.

    His penis entering me was an easy magical delight the first time and the next few, butt soon became routine and we soon left penile/anal behind. I never found our intercourse particularly stimulating for my prostate, and I don't think he did for his prostate either. We both had girlfriends through this period and we were both soon married. My wife and I have been married 40+ years, and over the last four have shared a profoundly amazing "mutual prostates (G-spots) energies ecstatics" practice based on Aneros/KSMO/Tao.

    I found the bottoming experience wonderful in its own way and yet my deep sexual orientation clarified as heterosexual, and he found his is gay and left his marriage. Them's the chances of exploring our deepest truths. Hope this is helpful and all the best.

    all the very best exploring the deepest truths energies and ecstasies within all