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Comment and Question about Aneros Vice (+ Probe Lube)
  • Number one: The Vice is awesome. I think making more of your products with silicone could be a huge hit.

    Number two: For the love of God, publish instructions, pictures or something for the vibrator. I got all cleaned out, relaxed, ready for a session and I fought for 20 minutes to get the damn thing to turn on. I recognize that I may have been being an idiot about it, but it was really frustrating and didn't help me relax. :/ I might try and take pictures or try to explain it, but they'll be really crappy due to having only a camera in my phone.

    Number three: I don't know if you'd call Probe lube "water-based", but it won't negatively affect the Vice will it? I just don't want the expensive item melting away in my arse.

    Number four: Did I mention Probe? Thanks again to those who advocate it here. I ran out and amazon has been taking forever so I bought at tiny bottle of ID Glide at Walgreens. It was as expensive as 4-5x the volume of Probe... and it just sucks. It says it's scent-less but I swear my hands end up smelling like glue and it really just isn't nice to my bowels the next day. But I digress, Probe rocks, it's a god-send.

    Number five: I'm not sure I have a number five, except to high five the cool community here!
  • dingding
    Posts: 16
    I had the same frustration with the vibrator at first until I realized you have to hold the button down for a few seconds for it to start and also to shut it down. Just a short push of the button to change between modes. I, like others, have found the vibrator a little distracting so I haven't been using it much. Yesterday, although, I was close to completing about a 3 hour session with the vice when I decided to insert the vibrator.
    Previously, it seemed like the vibrator would desensitize my prostate early on. Maybe just me but I elected not to use it for a while. Just enjoying the Vice by itself. Anyway, yesterday my prostate was so alive and I was nearly finished with my session I thought I had nothing to lose.
    I found I liked the second vibration pattern the best. The vibration put me over the top.
    I almost immediately received the most wonderful, long lasting orgasms, one after another until I could almost not stand it anymore. I was announcing the oncoming orgasms vocally so that the neighbors must have wondered what was going on.
    I am sitting here at my computer enjoying P waves, one after another, the next day, just remembering the journey with the Vice.
    I have come to realize that no two Aneros sessions are the same and to accept what they are, but this one is by far the best to date.
    I am really addicted to the Aneros and find myself building anticipation for the next session throughout the day.
    So now I am adding the vibrator back into the program but knowing when it works best for me.
    As far as lubricants, I have found that using a thin film of plain old Vaseline and then a product called "Slippery Stuff" which does not contain glycerin works best for me. Doesn't seem to dry out and does not create the problems that glycerin brings on.