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Martial Arts / Tao Question
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hui Yin // Perineal Chakra Accupressure Point

    re: -- --

    Some here know that I started my Aneros use for foreplay and intercourse. Several weeks later I found the Aneros Forum and started my Journey. It didn't take long for me to realize that the SGX might be helpful in maintaining my sense of Dan Tien and balance during Tai Chi.

    And so it seemed.

    My execution of forms seemed more precise, I required less correction from our Master and my flow and transitions seemed more natural to execute.

    Late last year I switched my Tai Chi buddy from the 'de-tailed' SGX to the 20mm Peridise and last Saturday to the Tempo. Both of these lack a p-tab and any concrete connection with the Hui Yin accupressure point. So Peridise and Tempo shift the focus from Hui Yin to anus.

    My initial feeling was that the Peridise and Tempo offered some improvement. Now I'm beginning to think that any improvement might have resulted by eliminating intermittent contact between the SGX and my prostate. (less distraction)

    I'm starting to read Mantak Chia's writings and wonder, if Hui Yin contact and reference may have been more effective during Tai Chi than just an anal reference.

    OTOH, perhaps more steady prostate contact might be better. However, the larger tools like Helix have led to some discomfort in some quick moves during foreplay and intercourse (the initial reason I chose the SGX.)

    This morning I ran through several forms with the SGX and think it's perhaps the better choice.

    I'm considering making a Martial Arts tool out of an MGX, truncating it to eliminate prostate contact. OTOH, that might be just a waste of an otherwise good toy.

    OK you gents who are well into Tao --- Any thoughts or experiences with something like this??
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Rook, :)

    I have no experience with this. But it was a fascinating read to find out that Aneros toys noticeably improved your form and execution. And pretty ballsy that you would wear one inserted in a public environment. I'll be curious to continue reading as this thread develops. Thank you for posting.

    On a different note, perhaps with all this improvement you'll be making a martial arts film soon? "Rook - Anal Kung Fu Master" His secret power is a stainless steel anal toy in his ass! LOL And then if it was Anime, you'd probably be shooting lightning bolts from your Tempo! LMAO