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Rewiring Question
  • So I had some great fun over the weekend... and also was experimenting with som nipple stimulation. Today I was going to just go regular spank the monkey session and play with my nipples some. The weird thing is that when I was spanking off and playing with my nips I got the feeling like I was in an aneros session. I'm assuming this is what you guys call an anerosless session? It was a bit overwhelming and great fun and quite a surprise. I don't think I've had a super o yet but this should be a strong sign I am getting closer I think right?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Jjaneros, :)

    Yes it is a good sign of progress. As far as getting closer to having a super-O, that's just impossible to say. And there are a number of us that practice no-Aneros sessions either on their own or prior to an Aneros session. Next time try not touching your penis while stimulating your nips and see what you get out of it. Penile stimulation in my own experience tends to either short circuit or overpower any prostate sensations.

  • Yep I know not to touch but like I said this was just a "regular" deal but was surprised about the other sensations too... I'll give it a go w/o anything and just the nip stims too ... thanks
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    Hi JJ,
    What you've described happens to me all the time. About 6 months into my practice, I started to get prostate-centered feelings when stroking. They've become stronger as time has passed and are absolutely amazing. At my age (47), having masturbated no less than 3x a week since age 13 or so (honestly, my average is probably more than this :-) ), I thought I'd figured it all out. Rewiring has put a whole new spin on traditional masturbation.

    As for the term "anerosless session", I personally use it to refer to sessions without an aneros AND without any penile stimulation. I have these sessions all the time, even without any physical stimulation at all (e.g. no nipples). I agree with Love_is, you should try some sessions where you don't touch your penis at all. Just relax, breathe slowly and from your belly, and conjure up memories of the sensations you get when using your aneros. Focus on whatever you feel and gently encourage the feelings to grow. From what you've said, my guess is that you'll surprise yourself with what you can feel.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    For me the "rewired state" is a situation where every cell in my body has equality with regard to it's sensual capacity and capability. In that state, I'm a monolithic entity.

    In the last nine months, I've three times lingered for a week or two in the foyer of the "Hall for Rewired Men." Getting there has always followed a sequence of very intense Orgasms. When there, every cell in my body is the same shade of bronze or deep maroon. I sense the monster change that's happened and sense how my body and mind will adopt a rock solid rewiring. Each time I've chickened out, hesitant to commit to that monolithic state. Similar to a marriage commitment, submission to rewiring is a major leap in one's life and I don't feel quite ready yet -- I have more frivolous things to do before I commit.

    In making the steps, one foot at a time along the path, the first step is granting each cell in your body an equal place in your sensuality. To do this, it's time to broaden your vision to include all of your body and forsake your penis as #1.

    Find that in Cockadoodle's post, Penis Not! I thought it was time that it was bumped -- find Cockadoodle's words in post #1 of that thread. .... rook