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It's about time!!! MGX First
  • wisdomwisdom
    Posts: 38
    So I'm finally there!!! After about 8 months after purchasing my first anal toy ever, I can say that it really works. My first aneros orgasm happened this past weekend when i was at home by myself watching tv. I have the MGX and for the longest, I thought that the MGX wasn't working or aggressive enough. I always got good feelings from it but never that "over the top" experience. But I didn't give up and I decided to myself that I wasn't going to get another aneros until I accomplish an orgasm with this one. So I guess I can buy another one now.

    Anyway, my favorite position is the position that I watch tv in. I kinda of do this sit up laying position on the couch. Like laying on your side except i'm sitting up leaning on the arm of the chair and have my feet on the couch. So I learned that whatever feels comfortable, just go with it. So I'm just watching tv with the aneros in, doing contractions here and there. I say about around hour 3, I decided to take it up a notch because the feelings were really good. So I put on some porno and watched it and did contractions and when I got to a point it felt really good, I would close my eyes. My dick got hard from all of this, so then what worked for me was putting my dick in between my legs and closing them together putting pressure on my dick. What made me do this was because I noticed the difference between how my aneros moves when i'm soft compared to hard. Seems like the aneros gets more aggressive when i'm hard or semi hard. So I did this and then it happened and when it did, it felt almost like me cumming like I normally do. As a matter of fact, when I orgasmed, I thought that I leaked cum all over myself because it felt like I was getting soaked!!! Until after 3-5mins of orgasm bliss and me thinking that I needed to clean up, I noticed that nothing was there. I guess it was all in my head???

    Anyway, now I'm on the road to mastering the MGX before I go on to the next one. I'm trying to cut that 3-4 hour period down to a 1-2 hour or less.

    Oh and I wanted to go longer with my aneros in that session to see if i could achieve multiples, but I had somethings to do and had to end it there.

    Aneros gets an A+
  • Hi, do you use Aneros in public ?
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 192
    I'm wanting to get the mgx someday!
  • I started with it and haven't been disappointed.
    It may not be as aggressive as the larger models, but for lack of size it makes up for in movement. !!!!
    As with any of the models, patience and relaxing are the keys.
    Otherwise, the MGX will ride you till you can't take it anymore and keep going.
    Have fun keep riding !!