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A way for those who want to **** themselves
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Somthing ive seen that is interesting, for those who would like to feel thier own penis in their ass. Use a latex molding kit around ur penis. wait to dry. pour your material you want to use into the mold (silicone, resin. ect) .


    Now go and **** yourself. (Or your friend, if u can get his shape).

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Done that -- fun and, for a str-8, very educational. I suggest spending the extra $$ for silicone as opposed to using resin.

    Story: Before leaving on a combat deployment to Nam, two dozen of us bought molding kits and on the way West produced lifelike resin replicas. Smoothed out the bubbles, decorated them, wrote notes on them and signed them. Considered mailing them in one box to our wives and g/fs for a gals' party. Many of us weren't ready to show off our stuff next to replicas from the hungstuds in the outfit. We did mail them individually and waited to hear if the gals shared their stories of the "remembrances" A month later, (no email in those days) we knew that gals share more info than we'd thought. Women bond pretty tightly!!

    Mine had been lying in our toybox for years and I pulled it out right after Darwin posted his "prison-rape" story. Two observations: a) forty five years does take a toll; b) A lot of the details, veins, circ scars when rendered in resin are too rough for the anus--even with generous lube.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,354
  • schitzschitz
    Posts: 33
    Funny enough, i've actually thought of that idea, and recently too :)
  • Well I sometimes put the real thing in my anus. When I was around 20 it was my preferred method of solo-sex--today I would call it doing the Dick Cheney. I would stretch my soft penis and push the head inside my anus, then begin to work my nipples. Feeling my penis grow inside me was incredibly exciting, feeling the ejaculation even more so. I still use a dildo occasionally when I want to feel like I am being f****d.