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How long should a session be?
  • Just wondering... not super O but still feeling great so today I pretty much let it have its way with me all day long while i watched some hot porn. I held back and did not spank the monkey etc... I did rest for an hour at lunch but from 9:00 AM till roughly 4:00 PM - 1 hr for lunch I had a great time.

    Question - is that too long? Another question... what does your prostate "feel" like when you are getting ready to super o? I am a bit sore on it today thinking that either I was close or I was going for too long.

    It was really fun and easy to keep the "good times" rolling so to speak today and I am a "closet" bisexual/gay (didn't figure that out till after I was married) and "closet" aneros user so I have only a limited amount of free time I get to have my way with whatever i want. Don't like the idea of the wife finding either of those things out of course or my kids.

    Just wondering what other guys think. Thanks in advance.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,320
    i would advise you to be careful about such a long session. it is delicate and precious tissue in there, and you don't want to mess it up. its not designed to have an ongoing assault of plastic and lube.

    i also advise you to consider letting your wife in on it. i think you'll be surprised that she might be more accepting than you think. just find a way to spin it that she'll be ok with. better karma to be upfront about it. my wife sees it as a healthy outlet for me, and takes pressure off of her to keep up w/ my male libido.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I invite you to check out the user Polls - How frequently do you use your massager?, How much is too much? & How long to ride the Aneros? to see the responses from your fellow members. If you look at those Polls, you will see there is quite a range of usage with respect to time.

    IMHO your body will inform you when it is ready to have an Anerosession and it will also let you know when you have exceeded your optimum play time. I think when you feel any soreness following a session you know you have pushed yourself a little too far and it is probably time to give it a rest to recuperate and re-energize. Remember, you can't force or coerce your body to respond to prostate stimulation in the same manner as you can with penile stimulation, this is an entirely different paradigm for achieving orgasms.

    I think everyone's feelings differ when they are on the threshold of a Super-O and even individuals will feel differently with each experience. Trying to describe the subtleties of pleasure is like trying to describe the taste of chocolate or vanilla to someone, they are unique flavors just as pleasure sensations are unique to each of us as well.