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toy placement
  • In another thread someone wrote about setting where the tip of the toy goes. I mostly have just inserted and hoped it would self align. this time I took the time to 'feel out' where it should go and placed it.

    I had one of the best sessions yet. I was in a near 'aaaah' state. one time it felt like the prostate was pushing back on the helix.

    now the weird part is as it was feeling better and better, it also felt like all my fluids were backing up straining to go somewhere making for a very distracting time.

    do others feel like this? is this common? been away for a week and no other action for who knows how long.
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    i usally do a little trick where i pull the skin below the scrotum forward against the dick, so the p-tab slides a little bit backways against the anus when i release the pull, and that usally feels a little bit better than the original one