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Open question about how to make the Groups function a better user experience
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124
    I would be interested in the creation of a couples group as suggested in the thread:

    However, I have a few observations of the current Groups structure to help the forum Group function be more relevant. The Groups function could be a powerful forum tool to help focus discussions on topics that have a perennial appeal.

    But the Groups lack a certain something to keep the conversations going and growing over time. For instance, in the General Discussion forum, the main page has three headings: Title/Thread Starter, Replies/Views and Last Post By. In addition, the Last Post By contains the date of the last post and threads in the General Discussion are automatically sorted by the most current reply.

    In contrast, the Groups format for the main page is different. It has headings that are less informative: Title/Thread Starter, Views, and then the last column has a heading for who posted last but the date of the first post never changes to the date of the last post thus the discussion threads never re-sort to the most current discussion and members do not get any indication that their thread has been replied too. This chokes off the threads since no one knows without looking at the last entry of every thread whether it is current or not.

    The Groups function could be an extremely useful tool – a discussion time capsule on specific topics for current users to rapidly find topics that interest them and build on the learning’s of their predecessors.

    I would suggest that the Groups main heading be made like the general discussion forums main heading so that users know when a thread has been replied to and the threads would automatically re-sort to the most current discussion.

    I would also like to know if there is any interest in users receiving a Notification whenever a thread has been replied to in a group in which they are a member? Is an additional Notification request an easy change for the forum administrators to implement?

    This all comes back to creating a new group for couples. To me it meets all the criteria for forming a group: There is a wealth of information already buried in the forum on communicating with our significant others and the varied responses our companions give us when we open up communication about Aneros products with them. Long term Aneros users invariably have to come to terms about Aneros use within a relationship. And integrating the pursuit of a this form of pleasure into my love life has been challenging. It’s a complex subject. Soon, the nice little topic thread will be lost to time.

    My experience with the groups, however, is lukewarm. Does anyone else have any suggestions for making the Groups function better?

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello J4, :)

    Those are some good suggestions. Like yourself I've felt that the groups lack something that allow them to keep flourishing like the forums do. I recommend you send "support" a PM with a link to this thread so they will be aware of it if you have not already. My biggest thing is that I just forget to check up on them as they are in a completely different area. So perhaps a subscribe option like you suggested might work. Other than that I can't think of anything else to make them more relevant and used.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    Hi J4,
    I think I grasp some elements of the issue; however, I've no immediate pat answers.

    Following are some of the things I think we are trying to accomplish with "Groups:"

    Consensus Building Topics -- aimed at establishing a Body of Knowledge (based on experiences and external references) to support formalization in some respository like the Aneros Wiki or, perhaps spawn another group.

    Open (running) discussion of 'niche topics' -- Groups like the SOS, Senior's, Substances, etc.

    Techniques & Crafts -- tool modifications, lube formulations, etc.

    Repositories -- session audios, Aneros videos, links to porn, etc.

    Seems to me that each of these will benefit from what you suggest and that the ideal format for each variety of group will be different.

    Perhaps we could solve this by spawning niche groups with a limited scope of discussion then archiving or destroying them when they no longer served a purpose.