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Tempo. I am a fan!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I ordered my Tempo last week Tuesday and received it on Friday. Great service on the shipping. I had a pretty busy weekend so I really didn't have the amount of uninterrupted time that I would like, but I had an opportunity to give it a try. First and foremost, the thing is beautiful! I absolutely love the weight of the thing. It seems to feel much larger than it really is. It feels great. There is no mistaking that it is there and within about a minute, the first waves started. What I really felt was the smoothness of the finish against my insides. I really was able to get this model to move around like no other. The Tempo is comfortable and pleasing and I am so glad that I made it a part of the arsenal.

    To the journey!
  • The Tempo is a masterpiece of design and manufacturing, an absolutely beautiful work of art, a sheer delight to behold, and utterly sensational to have and to hold. Surely this has to be the ultimate instrument for a lifetime of endless hours of indescribably intense pleasure and pure orgasmic bliss, and incredible health benefits too. It is simply awesome. Thank you HIH.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Got to the party late but, OH WHAT A FEAST OF PLEASURES !!

    Thank you all at HIH and Aneros.