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On holiday (vacation) from Aneros: Penile Timebomb, Dating Roadblock, Aneros Missing
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    This is almost going to be a blog. I will keep it brief however.

    My mum off work for Christmas/New year. She stays up late, especially when on holiday, and wakes up early. And she is a Hugo Chavez Communist style mum, i.e. takes control over the whole house, always nagging or calling me, so I knew I would have to give the Aneros a two week break.

    Penile Timebomb

    I've had to make do with penile masturbation. Man, does it get old. For me, it's like stroking my thigh, until, suddenly, I am about to finish, then have to hold back, stop, wait, think of something else, etc. All the pleasure to experience is at the end, for me. And it seems as if a "penile session" is much more time-limited than an Aneros session. I've said this before: Aneros is all about encouraging pleasure. "Penile sessions" are all about "managing", controlling, gauging, waiting for pleasure.

    I don't know if I will ever see my penis as equal to my prostate. Or a decent substitute. Which brings me onto...

    Dating Roadblock

    I am on a dating site. I was more into it before I started having regular Aneros sessions. Then I made the thread: Aneros killing my need for a girlfriend, or something like that. Yes, I was right. I have been talking to a girl on that site, and trust me, it's hard to get any girl to reply more than twice, as they're bombarded by guys. Anyway, she isn't my type, but she isn't bad, but I just feel that I got her phone number for no reason: I do not want a girlfriend right now for so many reasons.

    a) girlfriend = even less free time.
    b) girlfriend = less money.
    c) girlfriend = I will have to lose at least two hobbies.
    d) girlfriend = I will have to start wearing a condom (my ex GF had contraceptive injections. Not many girls will do this)
    e) girlfriend = harder to rewire with the Aneros, and girlfriends needs come before my prostate.

    I need to build up a lot of ejaculate for Aneros sessions, so if I start ejaculating 3 times a week, my journey is kaput
    . I also care about my own pleasure and finding and exploring that rather than giving her 3 orgasms an hour.

    Dating just seems like an roadblock on my journey. I think the Aneros has messed me up. I'd rather have money, time and female-like pleasure than the female! Wow!

    However, I did learn something this holiday. My ex and I did try condoms. It was a failure. It was painful. It was de-arousing. I buy condoms to use over my Aneros. They're bigger than the ones my ex-GF bought for me. With a little lube in the condom, I was actually able to have my foreskin move over my glans and able to ejaculate. Less feeling, but better than pain. But penis is still 2nd best.

    Aneros Missing

    I wanna have an Aneros session!!! :(:(:(
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    You really want your aneros? I've never had an aneros session where I felt like the aneros was really doing anything (it seems you don't have that problem) yet I know I don't need an aneros to feel P-waves. I would think any experienced user would not be bothered by not having an aneros for a while; you prove me wrong! Hey, maybe this is an opportunity for you to explore nipple stimulation.

    -you don't need a girlfriend, let life guide you.
    -you don't need to ejaculate during sex
    ...and personally...
    -I find sex to amplify arousal thus amplifying aneros progress (unless I ejaculate during sex)...

    It should be known by now that I'm one who is always telling people on the forum that couples sex should be complimentary to aneros use using the correct mindset and techniques... anyway, enough from me (i'd be repeating myself too much to explain all of my ideas), let's here from other users.