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    Well. I'm sure you've heard it all before, I mean I've certainly read about it. I think I experience "terror at the gate" I think that's what you call it. I think I'm just looking for some kind words. Here's what happened.

    I've been real busy lately so I haven't had any time to bring out the little guy (you know what I mean). It has been about a 5 days. I got home from work today and was on ebaumsworld, viewing their Fuckin unearthly cleavage Knockout pics. I usually don't get turned on just by lookin at pics, but wow, no hard on or anything, just mentally ready to go. I then realized that I was having involuntary flutters. I haven't anerosed for awhile now due to the last 3 sessions being a bust (pun intended) and just ending up trying to do that male squirt thing (also unsuccessful). Just before bed I literally just picked up my aneros, washed it and slid it in. I view some porn...awesome vid below:

    Babe with nice tits fucks - XVIDEOS.COM

    So I decided to move to the bed. Instantly I felt my body fall through the bed (not literally of course) and then it was numb. The numbness wasn't a bad feeling, just different. Soon my back felt like I was lying on a board and started twitching. Then this feeling like something poking my insides was humming turning into an almost warm heated sensation up to my chest...That's where I started to feel wierd. My heart was racing, my arms went tingly and felt like I was wearing three fluffy sweaters, lol! I laugh now, but me being known to suffer from crazy anxiety attacks, I couldn't keep the thought of heart attack out of my head. I will mention I'm 26 and in decent shape, not the best but I do have a physical job...and sex with my girlfriend provides a bi-daily 40 minute work out. So I don't think I'm unfit. Anywho...I panicked and realized I didn't want to die using an Aneros Progasm, if you know what I mean.

    Coroner: Here you go ma'am, I believe this belongs to your son.

    Mother: I don't think so. What is it?

    Coroner: Oh no, it is his, we pulled it from his ass. It's the Progasm Ice. Apparently he was big time....(blank stare)

    Sorry my mind works like a cartoon. I was just looking for some thoughts on my experience, just like everyone else. lol!
  • rumelrumel
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    Please read my response to 'Aztec'.
  • AztecAztec
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    There is something in the air :)
  • Hey, man, your screen name says it all. Go for're on your way.

  • artformartform
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    Welcome Orgasmo333 and Aztec!! :D :D

    [QUOTE=Aztec;93898]There is something in the air :)

    Indeed there is! The vibes from many new members, early new journeymen just beginning to get the astounding widely, and at times wildly, varied initial rewiring response as your body/mind is "Testing", "Testing", "Testing" !!! :D

    all with NO expectations, be open, seek not to control, allow your body/mind to do its thing with your ego/controller on holiday, and all the best on your personal path to ineffable pleasures all