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Peridise vs. butt plug?
  • I have a few questions about the Peridise (couldn't find the answers I needed with a search) that can perhaps be answered here.

    Unlike the other aneros models, the Peridise does not have an angle and does not look much different from a conventional butt plug. The Peridise just seems harder and less comfortable, and more expensive. Has anyone that has used both (Peridise and butt plugs), noticed any differences in feeling/pleasure/benefits?

    Also, does the handle have any sort of benefit (other than for retrieval purposes), like the P-tab or K-tab? Is the handle meant to be placed left to right or top to bottom...or does it matter?

    I thank you all in advance!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    There are huge differences between the Peristal/Peridise anal massagers and butt plugs.

    Butt plugs are intended to stretch and apply pressure to the anal sphincter and rectum for the purpose of intensifying physical sensations, this can be pleasurable or painful depending on the extent of stretching involved. Large butt plugs are often intentionally used in BDSM play to create painful conditions for the wearer, there is also a real risk of doing permanent physical damage to oneself through use of these sex toys. You may wish to read the thread - Butt plug play for Aneros users for some other users comments. A quick Search yielded 59 threads mentioning "butt plugs" that you might also care to check out.

    By comparison the Peristal/Peridise anal massagers are diminutive. The design philosophy behind them is entirely different. These tools function to bring pleasure by inducing the body to respond to gentle stimulation. Since these devices are so small, they in no way over stretch/pressure the anal sphincter or rectum. The presence of one of these devices in the anal canal stimulates the muscles into peristaltic action. This has the effect of moving the device slightly in and out with each muscle contraction thus creating a gentle massage action. As the contractions become more rhythmic they may induce the rectal and other pelvic floor muscles to join in creating a harmonic motion which may lead to orgasm.

    As far as I know the handle has only two functions : 1.) Prevent the massager from being drawn completely into one's rectum. & 2.) Have something large enough to grab onto and remove. I don't think it matters what the orientation (rotation) of the handle axis is to function properly, but I've found mine just naturally becomes aligned with my butt crack during use.
  • Thank you so much for your input--it is greatly appreciated! As for me, my butt-plug experience has been limited to the super slim variety (same general dimensions as Peridise), so I don't think stretching would be an issue. That said, your point about movement stands out. With a plug, the movement is only minimal (about a half inch, back and forth), but from what you are saying, the Peridise has greater movement than this?

    Also, does the fact that it is not flexible and is not angled, take away from the ability to stimulate the prostate...or is it not meant to do that?

    Thanks, again.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    If we look at the Poll Aneros Movement, How far does it move? over 75% of the men report typical prostate massager movement of less than 5/8"(16mm) this is less than the head diameter of the largest Peridise unit (22mm). I believe you can expect Peridise movement to be comparable or even less. Large, dynamic, sliding movements are not necessary to generate sufficient stimulation to induce the orgasmic response. Peridise usage is a finesse-seduction game rather than the slam-bam sledgehammer approach that butt plugs provide.

    You should understand the Peridise model was not designed or intended to engage the prostate. Its effective length is too short to reach most men's prostate, as such there was no need to design in any angularity.