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  • rook December 2010
First experience with a Peridise
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    I received the beginner set yesterday and tried it today. I had very good results. The sensations were very similar to my anerosless and aneros sessions. I think I had a bunch of anal orgasms (anal contractions that felt really good where pleasure spread around my body). I spent most of my time in my favorite aneros position: on my right side, legs slightly bent. I used the larger of the set and the only way I could tell I had anything up there was that I could sometimes feel the handle on the outside of my anus. Otherwise, it was like I had nothing in there. Pretty cool.

    I find it amazing that something that doesn't provide any prostate contact (I assume it doesn't) can produce such amazingly good feelings. Of course, I can feel similar stuff with nothing up my butt, so I probably shouldn't be all that surprised. It'll be interesting to see how the feelings develop.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Yeah, hear 'ya guy!! :p ;)

    I don't receive any prostate / mid-canal stim from Peridise either. I call the feeling 'vacant' from a prostate perspective. I've always been very 'anal dominant' though and the power of the anal sensations may be over-riding what prostate stim I get from Peridise.

    Particularly intense during Tai Chi--horse and some elements of Tai Chi--sword. Perdise provides the 'bearing surface' that works in opposition to my Dan Tien.

    Looking forward to what it might do during Qi Gong. Looking forward also to how Tempo will compare.

    (Rhetorical question -- is it poor form to break into 'bumps and grinds' when doing Tai Chi sword?) :lol:

    However, several posters report orgasms driven by prostate area stim. The conjecture has been that Peridise does shove tissue around so that the prostate does receive tactile pleasure.