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involuntaries or ejaculation reflex
  • This is a question for those who have been lucky enough to have super o's.
    First off I have a progasm and can get into the orgasm state in about 30 min. The key to my success has been muscle separation, holding contraction with my anal muscle and contracting my PC muscle. The best way I can describe it think of pushing the back of the aneros with your tailbone. My sessions started out just feeling the onset of orgasm, then with further use I could keep it going for over an hour just riding from one peak to another. Now I am starting to get contractions of my prostate with the peaks but they are all dry except for the flow of pre cum. They can be from 8 to 20 or so in duration and feel just like I am ejaculating but no white stuff at all. These are pretty consistent now and am sure it is just another step in rewiring. I am wondering if the contractions are from my prostate or my anal muscles. I have never really had to much in the way of involuntary contractions, they have all been caused be me.

    Anyone else have this happening, or anyone able to separate prostate contraction feeling from lets say anal orgasm.

    Also to all the new users the biggest thing with this journey is your mind. I spent over a year getting to the onset of a super o, and would ruin it because I thought I needed to shoot all over my chest. With help from this forum I started to embrace the feeling and one day it just happened, and it just keeps getting better.