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anal versus prostate orgasm
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,320
    there was a thread about this recently. it meandered somewhat off course. i thought i would revive the discussion here.

    i learned something from the Instructional Video enigma posted in this thread: video :)

    in that video the sexy nude instructor (reading from a teleprompter) stresses that if you want a prostate orgasm, hold a harder contraction. if you want an anal orgasm, hold a light contraction. i have never been one for holding contractions, as i feel that relaxation is a better path. but, i gave this trick a try, and sure enough!!!

    so: a prostate orgasm feels like an ejaculation, but it can keep on going, and is dry. an anal orgasm is centered around your anus and ass cheeks, and possibly rectum. i haven't analyzed it, but i have a feeling that a prostate orgasm includes an anal orgasm, ie, your anus is contracting with the orgasm, but that an anal orgasm has only the anal part. in any case, they are both exquisite in their own way. there is also a perineum orgasm (from the p-tab). of course there are also nipple/breast orgasms where that region feels like the epicenter, or whole body, or foot, etc.

    from a female sexuality perspective, i like to think of them as:
    • prostate: female penis orgasm
    • perineum: female clitoris orgasm
    • anal/rectal: female vaginal orgasm
    • nipple/breast: female nipple/breast orgasm

    hope that clarifies

  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I was wondering, are you circumcised?
    Coz for me, the clitoris would best be compared with the head of the penis. Like the clit it is highly sensitive(at least if you're uncircumcised) and compared to the p-spot/g-spot the (multiple)orgasms are much more rapid but arguably less satisfying.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    It could of course be that your perineum compensates for the lack of sensitivity in your head?( like a blind man's ears become his eyes)
    Coz don't women have a perineum too???(at least the ones I've been with did), so what happens when they have a clitoral orgasm?

    And what is a female penis orgasm:)? on other word for g-spot?