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how do you stop the uncontrollable shaking
  • I've been using the progasm for about a year now, and have some pretty good sensations. My problem is about 10min into a session slowly begin shaking which builds and builds until its so severe it takes away all the good feelings. How do I get the shaking under control to continue my journey.

  • In terms of my progression, I'm still somewhere between the P-waves and weak Mini-O's but I have run in the same issue. I'm not sure if you are supposed to let the shaking continue (maybe that's my mistake), but, like I said, I too felt the shaking was getting in the way. I've noticed that consciously taking a deep breath and relaxing your muscles helps.
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    I find that stimulating my nipples stops the shaking and creates other feelings. My prostate grows in size and I produce pre cum
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    I get these when I've skipped meditation and breathing as I launched the session. Once started, it's hard to find the rudder.

    I've ridden these up to an hour and haven't yet found the 'steering wheel.' Flexing any 'heavy-shake' muscle (quad, bicep, triceps) always makes the shakes worse. The softer shakes are in my abs and sphincter and there seems to be no control there either.

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    What always works -- (five-for-five so far): Simple jack-off -- session killer. Being circed, I now bring my fleshlight to any non-meditative party. It takes about 3 minutes (clocked it) of very deliberate FLight for me to break inside the dry-O and get my brain to think, "penis!" At the 2'45" point I can feel the brain switch. Then It's about 15 more seconds of work before PONR. Were my hands not shaking, this would be a great time to edge. Have found that I'm still a 'one track' guy -- one orgasm or another but not two at once.

    Rewired guys who simultaneously manage both the trad and dry modes during sex might not have this problem.

    For guys looking for a quick path in their 'rewiring' this might not be the smartest move. Rather, try to find the steering wheel using approaches like calmer's.
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    Suggested by a couple of guys in Chat: "Remove the tool from your ass." (Haven't tried it -- sounds like, 'no fun a all.') Perhaps one could time reinsertion to generate another slightly different path and go on from that point.
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    What I'd like to try: Vocalize and breathe at the same rate as the p-waves that are driving the physical tremors and see if the shakes could be guided to a different frequency or amplitude. Our caring neighborhood has recently been too quiet for me to get away with this.
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    Mindful thought and breathing to counter the ab contractions hasn't helped me break into this automatic dry-O.
  • Thanks for the input, I've lately found that very, very deliberately trying to slow the feeling down helps postpone the uncontrolled shakes. But, at the same time still getting immense feelings and pleasure. The last couple of sessions I think I was having mini O's, mainly because the feeling of build up to orgasm started, but then I had the feeling of orgasm in a mild way. Not the whole body flushing with waves of pleasure, just small mild pelvic pulsing and producing some small amounts of precum.

    The newest sensation for me, seems to be that my groin area seems to be literally "buzzing" all day. If I sit still for even a couple moments I can truly feel my entire groin are buzzing like I have a vibrator taped to my stomach. LOL :-)
  • I've had the same, usually "flutters" in my thighs. I've just come to relax for a couple minutes and then try to start in a different position. I use a soft silky sleeping bag as stated in "My first Super-O" thread. This time I dangled my feet off the bed and rested them on the all still using the sleeping bag under the small of my back. The "shakes" seemed to subside as I was able to get a different wave of pleasure.