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Got the Progasm, awesome!
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Two sessions, two "woah" moments (really helps me know that I'm on my way to dry o)...

    ...two hands-on wet orgasms (my fault, learning from mistakes are just part of the journey)...

    Just making this post to encourage anyone who is in my shoes to get a Progasm. Those who complain it's too big are ninnies! It's big and that's what I like. Yes, it gives that full feeling, that feeling that says "I'm definitely big enough!" It takes a second to get in. Be slow (I experience a little bit of "stretching" pain at first) and let your body adjust before pushing it in further. Use plenty of lube (I love home made flax seed lube.) If you feel the need to BM when you know you probably shouldn't have to, just relax. Wait for the feeling to subside before doing anything.

    I'm used to the MGX and finally decided to get the polar opposite of an Aneros model after continuous questioning of its small size. I am finally able to be confident about my use of the Aneros.

    The few "woah" moments were subtle, a few strong P-waves in the prostate area. I long to experience more, but I must realize how important it is to just enjoy the little bit that I get in each session. I really feel now that each session will bring some kind of hint that I'm doing the right thing. If I hadn't had a wet orgasm, I'm sure I'd be feeling the glow of prostate arousal (continuous P-waves throughout the day)