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Why I believe foreskin should NOT be removed.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    As darwin made me aware of previously on his thread about a foreskin conspiracy, the US is at least as far as I know, the only civilized country in the world where circumcision is a more or less established practise. Having had a foreskin all my life, I'd never really thought about more than that the glans of my penis would be more sensitive than that of somone who's had it circumcized, and that this sensitivity would sometimes lead to premature ejaculation ;)
    In short, had I been willing to operate , I was more inclined to wanting to be circumcized because the tough, masculinity appealed to me, really being able to get rough with your gf, being able to fuck like a pornstar.
    It's hard to say if circumcision in places like the Middle East and Africa started for mainly hygienic reasons or if was partly an establishing of male sexual dominance over the women, the head being made insensitive the male could bang his wife into submission.
    Why is circumcision still being pursued when it's no longer necessary for hygenic reasons?

    Although I can't be sure, as I've never been circumcized, if it would be better or worse, to me it makes sense that the more sensitivity the better. It's a bit like as Aneros users we prefer not to use lube that desensitizes the anus.
    My recent personal experience of the richness of experience when I'm twisting, sliding and kneading over my glans with copious amounts of lube(making it feel like entering a nice wet pussy)in combination with the Aneros and the present atunement with my body due to the rewiring have led me to believe that

    someone who has gone thru life circumcized is akin to someone who has had to go thru life with a hearing impedement coz in his youth his ears had been slammed with cymbals.

    When done without proper reason, it's nothing more than mutilating a child that doesn't have a right to choose!

    Thanks to my foreskin, the head of my penis is very sensitive and too sensitive to even touch without lube, but with lube, man....what a variety of sensation!!!!.
    Of course just like with anal stimulation, the range in sensation comes from the main stimulationpoint(the most sensitive point), like the glans of the penis, and the sensations become richer by moving your stimulation partly to the periphery,occasionally including the shaft, but the main source is the glans coz that's the most sensitive giving the most richness of sensation.