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Getting another aneros, how many have moved to the 2nd one?
  • Have had really great success with the SGX, after about 6 sessions, it just keeps getting better and better!
    I have limited myself to one hr sessions of orgasmic delight and loads of pre cum and thinking I could do this all day, but I'd better stop for now. Wondering where this will lead as I have experienced something I could have never imagined with "just cumming" in the normal sense, so darn much better than that previous way of sexual pleasure...anyway, ordered a Progasm, and am looking forward to the delightful idea of swapping them out. I know this is a big step, but what do you guys think? Anyone gone to these extremes?
    I know I will probably get a Eupho or Helix too, but these things are too darn cool to ignore the opposite ends....curious about any lube changes anyone has to offer too!