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Question from an Eager New Helix User
  • I have recently purchased the Helix model and could not wait to use it after reading all of the positive testimonials on this great product. I used it twice the first day and did not have any problems and in fact after doing the 10 minute relaxation period and the 20 full contractions, I really felt it dancing around and my muscles started contracting when I did the 25-50% strength contractions, The second time felt really good and I thought I was on the brink of something big before the muscles stopped twitching when I did the partials so I called it a day. Both times that I used it I got some precum. By the way I did use plently of lube and had no problems with insertion and not pain or discomfort.

    I was so looking forward to using it today since I thought I was on the way to the fantastic feeling that I have read so much about on this forum. I did my usual 10 minute relaxation and 20 full contractions and then started to do the 25-50% contractions. It seemed like there was nothing there when I did these contractions. Only a few muscle twitches but not much else. I did not get the helix to dance around like I did the first day when it felt very good. I tried several different positions and tried to hold at different levels but nothing.

    Am I trying to move things along to quickly? Since I used it several times in a short period of time are my muscles just fatigued? I think that I need to give it a rest for at least 4 days before giving it another try but I wanted to check with some experienced users who might have some insight on this issue. I will not give up on this because I know that better days are ahead. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me on this!!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    If you've read through the WIKI or the user comments in the Forum you know that the journey as we call it here (the process of learning and discovery that is the pathway to the Super O) is rarely a linear one, there are often stops and starts along the way. You have a wonderful positive attitude, rest assured that things will reveal themselves to you in time. Putting some time in between sessions can often be helpful, although it's hard to say whether you've over done things. In all likelihood this may just be a part of your body becoming more acclimated to this new kind of stimulation.

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    BF Mayfield