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Stomach Waves, Contractions, and Sensations after sex
  • I was seeing a girl last year that loved to have lots of sex. I ejaculate pretty quickly (which led me to Aneros) but each time I go I last longer the next. Since she lived 3 1/2 hours from me we'd only see each other every 2 weeks or so. When we did, from the time we went to bed to the time we got out of bed the next morning we'd have sex 4-9 times.

    Without fail the following day or even the following couple days I would experience a wave like sensation in my stomach, waves of energy in an almost peristaltic movement. They were enjoyable, not electric or even arousing, but like a deep satisfaction. A massage, a large healthy meal, something delicious and satisfying like that.

    Anyone have this experience or know what it is, etc?

    Currently I'm trying to move energy from my genitals to the rest of my body because I believe that to be the root of my PE problem. Which makes this weird, because I'm feeling sensations somewhere else as the result of sex. Sex usually shuts down good feelings everywhere besides my dick, I build up presssure, and squirt.

    I'm wondering if having this happen would tell some more experienced users of a gateway or method that I could use to help move energy away from my genitals.

    Sorry it's long.
    Thanks :)
  • PS, I just came across the technique of tracing your fingers away from genitals down your legs and up your torso to your head during masturbation to spread the energy.
    I tried it yesterday and it was really cool because I actually got Pwaves from this whereas I normally only feel pleasure in my penis.
    I masturbated for a while stopping and doing the tracing. Still ended up building up pressure and exploded but my load was larger than normal and I felt more satisfied also.

    I will definitely keep using this technique but any others to help spread energy would be greatly appreciated.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Buttmasterflex, might you share the details of this technique with us? Thank you! I just asked for your wisdom in another thread, hope I'm not asking too much!
  • Haha, gladly. Keep in mind, I'm one of the least sexually developed on this forum this is just what I read and have tried once.

    Become relaxed and feel your body, touch lightly everywhere except the genitals. When you do end up touching the genitals slowly build into masturbation, when you feel like you need to take a break because your sexual energy is building take your hands and brush the sexual energy down your legs getting lighter as you leave your crotch. Until at the bottom of your legs you graze and then your fingers leave your skin. Do same process but from genitals to your head (the one on your shoulders) Since you're turned on, you should feel good sensations from this and help spread the sexual energy. Just notice how your body feels, don't think about moving something, relaxation is key.
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    Sex 4 to 9 times in one night? Wow! Way to go!