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Newbie Q about vibrators, prostates and shooting myself in the eye O.o
  • Hi all.

    As an eager young gay 22 year old, too busy with work to arrange some good old fashioned ass-fuckery...ever, I have started to experiment the last six months with toys for anal and prostate stimulation. My poor ability to choose appropriately sized novice toys notwithstanding, a recent venture has caused me some confusion.

    I am very new to using toys, and it usually requires me to set aside quite a bit of time to get any of my toys comfortably in. One of my explorations however, where upon i had been taken my time with a vibrator. Upon removing the vibrator to slip on a sheath to increase the stretch. When i switched on the vibrator for the first time that session, i immediately ejaculated. Very very forcibly. I was lying on my side so i ended up cumming with enough force to graze past my shoulder, face and finish with a splat at the splat at the end of my bed.

    WTF was the first thing that came to mind, especially since i did not seem to be any orgasm i was familiar with as i stayed perfectly hard and could continue onto produce my normal sized level of mess afterwards.

    Can someone tell what happened? O.o
  • happy trails Aussieboy ...
    oi oi oi ...
  • Trails indeed. heh heh. But is this a common experience though?