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Minor adjustment.
  • I have three models. The eupho, the helix and the MGX. I am not to happy with the latter two and mostly use the eupho. I have always felt that I could get more from it if it went in a little further so I made a small adjustment. It was a risk but I think it has paid off.
    I removed the tab and using a little piece of tape I made a small ball on the end of the arm. Then I placed the rubber from a small dropper over the tape ball and pushed it down. This allowed the aneros to go in about 1cm.deeper. I tried it and at first I wondered if I had wasted my time. (I could always lengthen it again if needed). The second time using it was a very gratifying experience. The orgasmic sensations were a lot more intense and longer lasting. I also found that the simplest and lightest pc contraction produced a surge of intense pleasure. Is it possible that the extra cm has enabled the instrument to reach the prostate or perhaps some other place? I would like to know if anyone else has done similar adjustments and how did it go. Better or worse? Tomasheen.