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Has anyone studied the Super O?
  • MogalMogal
    Posts: 16
    I'm chugging along in my Aneros journey and I'm a bit of a skeptic but at the same time trying to be open minded, hard I know! I've had some dud sessions and some really great ones lately thanks to abstaining from ejaculating for several days at time (I'm 26 and have a fast refractory period, I can usually ejaculate within 5 mins of a previous one, and I used to come several times per day) and by experimenting with weed. But here's my question: has anyone ever really studied or analyzed a Super-O capable person to see what is going on in their body and, probably more importantly, their brains? I really seems that this would hold a lot of answers about male sexuality but I can't find anywhere that this has been done. I suspect a study of someone succesful in KSMO would be similar.