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I had an accident and now feel discouraged a little
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434

    I booked Friday off so I can have a Thursday night session without ruining my sleep ahead of work.

    I lubed inside the anus with a syringe and...since I had no applicator...had to use a straw at the business end of the syringe. I think I inserted a little more than 5ml this time. It was under 10ml. Whoops.

    So anyway, I had a session, but I fell asleep! D'oh. I woke up in the morning and went to pee and ahem, passed wind. It felt like blowing a bubble. When it came to removing the Aneros, I had lubey shit on the perineal tab and a little on the handle. Luckily, none (visible) on the the towel on the bed.

    I have today off, so I was able to disinfect and clean the Aneros with the house and bathroom to myself. But had this been a normal day, I would not have. My mum is in the house whenever I am coz I work longer hours than her and go out more than her. She goes to bed 12/1am weekdays, and up to 2/3am weekends.

    How do I ensure this does not happen again. This is getting time consuming with now internal lubing and now possibly enemas in my own bedroom somehow? I only have a few hours free to use the Aneros.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    1.) The most obvious answer to your recent incident is to remove your Aneros before nodding off to sleep. Doing so will allow the natural sealing properties of your anal sphincter to function properly. With an object in place you are creating a much larger ring of exposure for the anus to try to seal off, thus increasing the odds of leakage.
    2.) Try a different lubrication. Thin, watery, low viscosity lubes will more readily leak between the Aneros-anus interface than a thicker, more viscous lube. Additionally, a thicker lube will tend to migrate less even if it does leak.
    3.) Perform some of your preparatory work prior to arriving home. Get a personal day pack with which you can carry the few simple items necessary for prep work (rectal syringe, lubricant applicator, lube of choice, sealable plastic baggies, paper towels, your Aneros of choice, disinfectant). Find a pack with a double zipper opening pouch (most do) that you can install with a small padlock so curious eyes are prohibited from seeing the contents. Go into an available toilet stall at work just before you leave for home, perform a rectal flush (not enema) if desired. Then lube the rectum there. You can clean, disinfect and prelube your Aneros there as well, put it in a sealable plastic bag and back in your pack. By the time you arrive home the lube should be well distributed, your Aneros is ready to insert and you won't need to try to rush the prep work to begin your session. This will increase your available Anerosession time measurably and minimize the chances of discovery by your mum.
  • Good advice from rumel as always.

    Additionally, I would encourage you to try LESS lube than more. Try only 1 cc or so, maybe two, as an alternative.

    I have found, for me, that about 1 cc of Astroglide "Natural" lubricant is more than sufficient for a long session, assuming you also lube your Aneros before insertion.

    So, try less's easier to inject, and should work just fine.

    Good Luck.

  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    Rimel, that was some good advice. A few answers to your points:

    1) I have gotten into the habit of falling asleep or even just going to sleep with it in. Once, I woke up in the middle of some nice contractions, but I suppose it is not worth it if there is a risk of mess.

    2) I can't use any oilier lubes coz I am using a syringe to insert it in and the syringe will be impaired by the stickier, oilier substance.

    3) I usually don't have a BM til an hour before a session once I'm at home. I never feel the urge to go toilet at work. I also feel more comfortable going toilet at home as the toilet stalls are like half a metre squared, just enough for the actual toilet and two feet to be placed either side of the toilet. Once you enter the toilet cubicle, you have to straddle the toilet in order to close the door behind you! That's how fucked up that place is. Plus, I don't get my bosses saying: "Oh, there you are! We thought you'd gone home hahah".

    Haha indeed!! Mind your business! lol
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I like using lots of lube as well, probably more than necessary, but only do so when the timing is right. If I don't have alot of time for a session, I will generally use good ol vasoline. you hardly have to use any... just a coating on the aneros and a quick wipe of the butt hole.
    I wouldn't think that would be messy at all