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Newbie here :)
  • Hey all,

    Stumbled upon this site and am very curious ...

    I purchased my first Aneros last week and have used it 3 times but not sure i am using it right ...

    Can anyone please direct me to a "how to" section of this forum or offer some advice.

    I do have a very open minded gf and she is willing to assist in any way possible for me to experience all there is out of this stimulator

    Thanks in advance
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi scarboroughguy,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    I sent you an introductory PM with some information for navigating this site, as well as some hints and tips to get you started.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    Scarborough, UK?
    Hey, man. How did you find out about the Aneros? I am glad there seems to be a stream of new guys hearing about this.

    My best advice, as someone who has made slow progress - very slow - with this device:

    1) Do not have the expectation of having immense mind-bending pleasure by the end of the month. Months even. This is a long haul for many people. Although some lucky bastards do have this pleasure early on.

    It takes time to "rewire", but also to find a technique that works for you personally.

    2) I feel that the Aneros is best used alone at the start. You want to be able to concentrate on your own feelings, and be inhibited.
  • Wow and what a PM that was ... I have a lot of reading to do !! Thanks a million
    I am in scarborough ontario canada , heard about aneros at an adult store and had to give it a try
  • Okay so here is an update , thanks to the kind people here on this site I read a tonne of material and took my first semi educated ummm plunge tonight ...
    I chose to lay down legs open and pre lubed ... Insertion hurt but was bearable ... I then took 10 mins to relax and breathe ..this worked wonders ...I was totally relaxed and has zero discomfort... I did the 20-30 contraction warm ups which were different but fine ... Then started some slow gentle contractions when it honestly started to feel quite good ...I was getting aroused and even started to become erect ...
    I could not continue to hold this contraction, I guess I am new , so took a breather and went back to slow breathing and then repeated the gentle contraction...same result ...a slow building ... Mild euphoria and slight tingling added to the experience ....
    75 mins total and I called it quits ...
    Am I on the right path ?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I would say you are well on your way, You have already achieved about eleven of the Milestones listed in the WIKI. Good for you on your initial voyage of a lifetime toward pleasure.
  • [QUOTE=rumel;92130]scarboroughguy,

    I would say you are well on your way, You have already achieved about eleven of the Milestones listed in the WIKI. Good for you on your initial voyage of a lifetime toward pleasure.

    Ok so a little update ...

    I was alone last night and got some new lube ( ky jelly ) and lubed up ( still not able to get enough lube inside :( ) and did my relaxing and breathing ..

    I decided to try some different positions and started ( and stopped ) with the laying on my right side and my top leg bend and up.

    This was better for me then the laying down method and i started my contractions...

    The progasm was able to move a little more freely and i definitely felt a strong push on my sweet spot ( between bum and balls ) and just concentrated on this for a while ...felt good ..

    Now i for some reason remembered that visual images help and turned on some porn at this point ... what a freakin difference ...

    For some reason i started to feel tingly and my anus twitched as i watched the lovers on the screen ...i felt connected to them for some weird reason and was very turned on ( but not hard ) breathing was very different and noticed that it started to mimic the breathing of when i am having sex and trying to prepare for orgasm ...
    I stopped ...I know I know why was just diff ... I caught my breath and repeated this a couple times ...then decided i would go further another day and had a t orgasm with some edging and denial ( 6 times ) and finally came very hard

    Thoughts ?